The third heat wave of the summer arrives in Spain: alert for temperatures of more than 42 ºC in these areas

The third heat wave of the summer arrives in Spain: alert for temperatures of more than 42 ºC in these areas

The suffocating heat, which will reach 42 degrees at points in the center and west of the peninsulaplaces on alert this Tuesday to all of Spainexcept Murcia and Asturias, and activates the orange level in 10 communities, the majority in the eastern half. Andalusia, Aragon, the two Castillas, Extremadura, Galicia, the Community of Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja and the Canary Islands are on orange alert for maximum temperatures that will reach 42 degrees in the province of Córdoba and in a good part of the Extremaduran community, according to reports the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In the Guadalquivir Valleyin the province of Jaén, it is expected to reach a maximum of 41 degrees, the same as those expected in the province of Toledoin Castile-La Mancha. throughout the province of Seville the orange alert has been activated for temperatures up to 40 degrees, as in Ávila, Salamanca and Ourense; They will have 39 in the Ribera del Ebro in Zaragoza, at points in Valladolid and Zamora; on the banks of the Ebro in La Rioja and Navarra and in the metropolitan area, south, west and Las Vegas in the Community of Madrid.

In the Canary Islands, the orange alert is for maximums of up to 28 degrees at noon in Gran Canaria, while in the rest of the archipelago the warning is yellow for temperatures that will not drop below 34 degrees at noon and for force 7 winds on the coasts of the islands. central and western. In addition, in Andalusia there is a yellow alert (risk) due to afternoon storms in Granada and Jaén and by highs of between 36 and 39 degrees in a good part of the community except in the coastal areas.

Castilla-La Mancha maintains a yellow warning for storms throughout the community, except in the province of Guadalajara, and due to heat that will reach 39 degrees in the Guadiana valley in Ciudad Real, while in Galicia there is the same level of alert in points of Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra due to heat of between 34 and 38 degrees. The Balearic Islands and Cantabria, for their part, have activated yellow alerts for heat of up to 37 degrees in Mallorca, in the case of the first, and 36 degrees in the second.

In Catalonia there is the same level of alert throughout the community for heat between 34 and 37 degrees maximum and in the Basque Country for the 38 degrees that will be reached in Álava.
In the Valencian Community the yellow alert is for maximum temperatures that at noon will be between 36 and 38 degrees in the province of Valencia.

third heat wave

August begins as July ended, with intense heat in much of the country, with temperatures up to 10 degrees higher than normal according to the areas that will remain until Wednesday, when they will begin to descend and the rains and storms will affect this week, especially during the afternoon, and especially the mountain areas, the center and the east of the peninsula, according to the State Agency of Meteorology (AEMET).

Thus, the AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, explained that on Sunday it exceeded 40 degrees Celsius (ºC) in the Miño, Tajo, Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys and reached 42.5 in Montoro (Córdoba) and 42.3 ºC in El Granado (Huelva). In addition, he has highlighted that the morning from Saturday to Sunday was also very hot, especially in the Mediterranean coast, whose surface waters are “very warm”. The water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain is between 27 to 29 ºC, that is, 3-4°C warmer than normal.

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Looking ahead to Wednesday, he expects the mercury to drop in the north and west but remain unchanged or even rise elsewhere. In the Mediterranean, the intense heat will continue for one more day and the temperatures, one more day, will exceed 35 ºC in good parts of the northern half and the Balearic Islands; and 37 or 38 ºC in the center and south. In the Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir they will exceed 40 ºC and tropical nights are expected that even that day will occur in the Bay of Biscay since the night heat will also extend to that area while in the Mediterranean they will continue to have torrid nights.

Again that day in points of the center and south of the Peninsula, clouds of evolution will grow again in the afternoon. On Wednesday they will be locally strong especially in the surroundings of the Iberian System Pyrenees and nearby areas and, From Thursday the skies will be cloudier in the Bay of Biscaywith drizzles that will continue to form storms and in mountain areas of the center and east of the Peninsula, with the possibility that they will be locally strong again.

During the day, the thermometers in general will remain high during the second half compared to the usual values ​​for this time of year -the hottest- especially in the northern half of the peninsula. However, as of Wednesday and especially on Thursday they will begin to decline.

In any case, the AEMET spokesperson affirms that it is “possible” that from Sunday, July 31 until at least Wednesday, August 3 or Thursday, August 4, the thresholds of intensity, persistence and extension necessary to be able to catalog to this episode of high temperatures as a heat wave, so, if confirmed, this would be the third wave summer 2022.

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