Pedro Sánchez in the Federal Committee with Minister María Jesús Montero.

The orchard on fire by Pedro Sánchez

This league requires a rocky team, he must have thought Pedro Sanchez with a bizarre mentality Billard either Simeone. He made the lineup and asked his hosts for “one more march” to win game by game.

Pedro Sánchez in the Federal Committee with Minister María Jesús Montero.


The world is not for him Tiki Taka. Bombs are falling in the Ukraine, we are approaching a colossal energy crisis, there are still many casualties in the indefinite pandemic, perhaps China is considering invading Taiwan, and the United States, the great Homeric power, looks in the mirror, sees that it has feet of clay and It could turn into a civil war.

Sánchez, the one from the Peugeot roaming around the Spains to be general secretary, bites the dust and reviews the polls. Until Tezanos gives you a loser

His self-esteem has always shown signs of resilience, and that is why he identified from the first day with the inhabitants of the La Palma volcano in that eruption that lasted 85 days. They were a true reflection of his political experience, when the party deposed him before the PP executed in the public square Paul Married and in both cases the executioner was a woman.

So the president has taken the tanks out onto the streets. And he has called patxi lopez What George H. W. Bush summoned the general Schwarzkopf to fight the Gulf War in the desert storm, the mother of all battles, some thirty years ago.

[Sánchez sigue impulsando cambios en la Moncloa con retoques en su equipo de estrategia más próximo]

“This is war!” Sánchez yells before parachuting like Bush Sr. If he lands on his feet and wins the next general election, he will have made a 93, like Philip Gonzalez a Jose Maria Aznar against the polls before falling to the brink in the ’96 elections.

For the same reason recruit Maria Jesus Monterothe iron lady of the Government, to keep the party’s heavy infantry firm when it comes to going toe-to-toe with the ferrada sphere morning star as in the old medieval battles, as well as in the return to bipartisanship.

What he has done is distribute aubergines, tomatoes and pumpkins from the garden he has in Moncloa, which is a garden on fire like Spain. But she has gone too far with the canary Hector Gomezhis best find in the quarry, which was the pedri of Luis Enrique and he didn’t deserve to be slapped on for being a brilliant spokesman in Congress. Getting him off his horse in the middle of the river is giving up before the bullets whistle.

The bonfire is not Spain alone in the heat waves, but an evil in all of Europe, which has not raised its head for more than two years. Italy is a good kaleidoscope to see Europe from behind the scenes.

mario draghia man hardened in a thousand battles, with more famous feats in the saddlebags defending the euro from the ECB and going to save his country in the worst hours of the century, resigns defeated by personal ambitions and the resentment of Berlusconi, Salvini and the rampant extreme right. So the next thing is most likely to be digging up Mussolini.

Giorgia Meloni, post-fascist for youthful rebellion when his communist father fled for love to the Canary Islands, leads the polls. That other fire is walking through Europe. And Vox knows it. Y Alberto Nunez Feijoo you will be able to cross the red line (the oxymoron) when you need Santiago Abascalbecause Europe will already be cured of fright.

[Pedro Sánchez cultiva un huerto en la Moncloa y regala sus berenjenas a los líderes que lo visitan]

It is inevitable to guess at the bottom Vladimir Putin applauding the schism in the EU. Luck smiles on him across the English Channel, with the wicked Boris Johnson picking up the rubbish partygateonce knocked out in the middle of the fight like a con man.

Something has broken in Europe that all the apparent unity against Putin is faltering with Erdoğan agreeing from behind with the Russian, Orban negotiating gas on its own with the Kremlin and now Italy one step away from getting out of the equation with the eurosceptic Meloni stealing the spotlight from an already insolvent Draghi.

It is the war, in fact, but not only the Ukrainian one, but the war of Europe, of cereals and freedoms, of inflation and energy, and perhaps of democracy itself, as the United States itself is now suffering, with the inheritance of the atrophy that donald trump in the White House and the derision of his failed assault on Capitol Hill.

It is the same virus in different latitudes of the planet that has only mutated in Europe, the silent pandemic that awaits us if the EU crumbles, already defunct from populism. Sánchez and Feijóo play the game in that same mud between spitting, tanganas and kicks in the mouth.

The Las Vegas classic is a statement of reasons for Madrid and Barça before the league starts. As was the State of the Nation Debate to find out the intentions of the PSOE and the PP.

But, as the current heat waves warn, climate change is brewing. And political change too.

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