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The most amazing of Cristina Pedroche’s ‘topless’ pull-ups


The presenter has flaunted a brutal physical form in a video with which, as we like to say, ‘has set the networks on fire’.

A moment from the video of Cristina Pedroche.@CristiPedroche
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He could have been amazed by his great body, chiselled like marble classical venus (which too). Or with the inspiring views of your gym and that wonderful natural light that should raise morale to infinity and beyond. I could have stayed thinking about what it must mean for a woman, her measurements, train without a good bra that keeps everything in its place safe from unwanted impacts forever delicate chest muscles. Or even I could have asked myself about the degree of intimacy you enjoy to be able to train as ‘comfortably’ as she does, safe from the gaze of her very lucky neighbors.

But, the truth, the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the Cristina Pedroche’s Instagram video doing ‘topless’ pull-ups was: “But how can it be so ‘brown beast’?“Because, assuming the document isn’t doctored (which it isn’t), how is it possible for me to manage to do all those repetitions with such ease and with such a refined technique without trembling or falling unconscious on the floor at the end?

I promise that this is not a rally and that, far from it, I am taking his feat at face value, but rather showing my most absolute admiration (and/or envy). I sense that for ‘crossfiteras’ as powerful as my partner in ZEN Cristina Galafate -another goddess of the dominated-, the image of Pedroche towering over the bar like Mighty Aphrodite It’s not that surprising, but me, it has left me stunned (not marble, like Pedroche).

why? Because pull-ups, along with push-ups, seem to me to be one of the best and most effective exercises to strengthen the upper body using only our body weight and I confess with some embarrassment that I have spent years trying (without much success) to make the medical amount of five in a row with some solvency. That is, managing to stick my head over the bar (not my chin desperately) and without trembling to my identity card.

During the pandemic, I set out to meet the challenge, starting from scratch. To do this, following the wise advice of a burly ex-professional athlete friend who, obviously, embroiders them, I started with the assisted Pull Ups, using a fairly thick circular elastic band (seeing that the presenter also has a rubber band on the bar gives me some hope) that I was holding on to the bar and on which I was ‘pushing’ to get up. First, I did it on both knees and it worked pretty well. Obviously I did it with a supine grip (with the palms of the hands towards me) because with the prone it was simply impossible for me.

Then, as the days went by, I began to feel powerful and, little by little, I was coming up (pun intended) and I was without the band until I managed to complete three sets of five repetitions, but, I confess again with some blush, quite weak.

Persevering that I am, confinement over, I tried to reinforce my preparation in the gym by doing rowing and weight-bearing exercises chest pull but not for those. My pull-ups were still (still) pathetic.

For this reason, when I see Cristina Pedroche doing pull-ups (topless) with that amazing ease and that uncontested authority I don’t think about her great body, or her flat case, or her perky breasts, or her neighbors… I think about how strong she is and how envious she makes me. That said, I will continue to persevere to one day try to emulate it… with a good top and on the modest (but useful) pull-up bar that hangs in the hallway of my house.

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