The egg-carrying cows of the past

The egg-carrying cows of the past

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Dinh Truc

Shrimp “cow” often hugs the eggs to the stoop. (Image: Facebook Dinh Truc)

Three or four times larger than the body of a mosquito shrimp, the “cow” shrimps often hug their eggs to their knees. Perhaps, they often live in the clumps of weasel tail, seaweed eggs grow in canals, in fields… so people give it a dead name: seaweed shrimp?

The hooves tool only needed five or seven small hooves made of torn mosquito nets that I asked her for. The mosquito net is easy to absorb water, about five inches long, horizontally and vertically, using two bent bamboo rods to make the hooves, tied to the four corners of the cloth at the top of the frame, so it has become a hooves, strong enough to trap them.

In addition, I also bought a small bamboo basket to store when catching shrimp in the hooves… Just bring a small basket to shovel faster to catch each shrimp. The bran is put in an earthen pot, burned with a fragrant fire, surreptitiously scooped up two tablespoons of pork fat mixed in…, this bait is very easy to lure the shrimps…

Roasted bran has a yellow color, spongy, mixed with a little fish sauce to absorb evenly, the special aroma goes with the wind to the neighbor’s house, also informed that my house is about to “march” to catch shrimp … The dish that the beef shrimp likes the most.

Cut a small bamboo tree, leaving a knot, about three meters long is enough…

All had enough “tools,” I kept the shrimp in the field.

When placing hooves, first choose a place with calm water along the fields, (Image: Facebook Dinh Truc)

When placing the hooves, first choose a place with calm water near the fields, or along the small canals, when putting the hooves down, press the bottom of the net close to the ground with a bamboo tree, and throw in the hooves a piece of fragrant bran, about the size of a finger , spaced a few feet apart. Sitting under the shade of a tree, looking at the green rice fields, the wind blowing softly … suddenly the story a few days ago in the classroom suddenly remembered…

I asked the teacher:

-Ma’am, why does the shrimp crawl with its small, weak legs…? Why is it only the tip of a chopstick…?”

She looked at me for a moment, then replied:

– Because the cow shrimp is too tired to work, it becomes weak, its back is stooped, like a mother when she is old, because she spends her whole life taking care of her young cubs…”

Curious I asked:

-So it crawls to eat at night, swims when it rains heavily, takes a nap when it’s sunny. Then where does it lay eggs…?

She smiled at me, then hesitated:

-Surely… have a baby…!”

Aim for about five or seven minutes, wait for the shrimp to eat the bran, then quickly use a bamboo stick to lift the hoof slightly.

At that time, there were countless shrimps, just put down their hooves for a moment, but each of them got over a dozen of them…

At that time, the voracious shrimps were lying in their hooves, jumping, their bellies were full of yellow and green eggs, it was very interesting. Occasionally, one or two crayfish the size of their big toe can’t help but struggle…! Late afternoon, more than half a dozen cloves. I arranged the “tools” to go home, with some leftover bran, I emptied the bran can, giving it to the fish and shrimp for free.

These poor crustaceans are made into many delicious dishes… to wringing their chopsticks: roasted, braised, fermented with sour fish sauce… If it is fresh shrimp, danced with wolf, when cooked, it will give off a distinctive, delicious aroma. Roll rice paper with garden vegetables, dipping sweet and sour fish sauce, spicy and salty with papaya, chopped radish. The dish is simple but still full of protein and minerals… With all the kindness, devotion, affection and love of the cook, Mrs., the children are fascinated, voraciously dipping and chatting about everything. …

Remembering the shrimp claws of the year, my heart is filled with nostalgia for Grandma, a person who has been attached to our grandchildren since the days when I learned to speak, remembering a person who worked hard all her life. beside the rice mill near the riverside road; a person who diligently raised his children to become famous, loved his grandchildren all his life, often gave money to reward him for doing good, when the grandchildren received honor cards for bragging and all the dishes from his skillful hands. she cooks.

Then when I grow up…!

Hoof tools only need five or seven small hooves made of mosquito netting. (Image: Facebook Dinh Truc)

I was suddenly afraid of the so-called flow of time. I am afraid of a developed, comfortable, modern life, the ponds and fields in the past have been encroached on, filled with water, the clear water of the children who often swim in the countryside, is now polluted.

I am afraid one day, only to see the hoof hanging in the kitchen, black soot.

Today, growing up far away from home, we still remember the scent, the taste of each ingredient that makes up rice paper rolls, and even more deeply miss our loved ones who have gone far away.

And never come back…!

Thank you so much egg shrimp…!

Thank you for a beautiful childhood with sweltering summer afternoons…!

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