The best alternatives to Google News that you can install on your Android phone

The best alternatives to Google News that you can install on your Android phone

If you use Google News as a news manager and you are not convinced by the experience, we offer you applications that can be used perfectly to read news.

Staying informed throughout the day is one of the highest priorities for many people and that is why there is a wide variety of applications that meet this need. In recent weeks, the arrival of Google News in Spain has been praised after having remained in a strange limbo.

And, although it is good news, the truth is that while it has not been available, users have continued to consume news in their day to day. The options that have been launched by different developers have meant that the absence of Google News has not become something difficult to bear.

Keeping this in mind and if you don’t want to use the Mountain View option, we’ve compiled the best alternatives to Google News that you can install on your Android phone. There are several options and we urge you to install several to keep trying until you find the one that you like the most, both for its design and its operation..


In this collection of applications Feedly had to be the first. This application is one of the most complete when it comes to consuming news from different media, in addition to the fact that the format it works with is very interesting since it allows you to add the media that you are interested in and read the publications that are made from these media. Direct link to the Google app store.

flip board

Flipboard can’t be missing in a compilation about applications for news consumption. This application was one of the first to arrive and serves as a virtual magazine that hosts the different contents of the different media so that users can read them at any time and place. Direct link to the Google app store.


Inoreader is an application that works similar to what we find in Feedly, with the user being responsible for building their news feed. On an aesthetic level we find a fairly similar application, although having a somewhat more modern design in general and that adapts to the mobile phone. Direct link to the Google app store.

Microsoft Star

Microsoft Star is the next option on this list, being an application designed as a general compendium of different elements. And, it is that, you can find the news that have emerged around the world as the closest, in addition to being able to consult elements such as email or weather. Direct link to the Google app store.


Although Reddit is often used as a blogging network, it’s also a great way to stay up to date.. The communities found within this application are immense and, in addition, they have one of the largest activities on the internet. In addition, there are different spaces dedicated to very complete topics. Direct link to the Google app store.


Twitter is a social network that, unfortunately, has controversy day in and day out. If we move away from this type of interaction, it serves perfectly as a space in which to consume news throughout the day. In fact, the media have profiles within the social network and publish the news they release daily. Direct link to the Google app store.


Pocket is the last recommendation on this list, and while it’s not exactly a news app, it works like one. This app is a mixed bag for any type of element that you want to save and makes it the perfect app to store news that cannot be read at a specific time, but that has generated the necessary interest to take a look at it later. Direct link to the Google app store.


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