Sunbathing through the anus, a viral practice that can have negative consequences for the skin

Sunbathing through the anus, a viral practice that can have negative consequences for the skin

  • There are many practices that have become viral in recent times

  • One of them is to sunbathe in the area of ​​the anus

  • But what benefits will it have?

There are many fashions that have been established in the world in recent times. In addition, social networks have favored many practices to be done viral, although not knowing its benefits and contraindications. One of these trends is sunbathing in the perianal area, that is, in the year. The truth is that this practice is sold as the perfect remedy to have more energy, improve the quality of sleep and have more sexual benefits. Is has no scientific evidencebut it has not removed that there are several influencers who have joined this trend.

What consequences will this practice have?

People who practice it affirm that it has great benefits such as the prevention of hemorrhoids as well as the increase in the absorption of vitamin D. But, What are the consequences that we can suffer?

Something we should know is that the perianal area is especially sensitive. Therefore, it is not recommended to follow any practice that could damage it. Therefore, that skin will not be prepared to filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause short-term burns. Also, as an indirect consequence, you may suffer from skin cancer.

The importance of taking care of your skin

In addition, burns can cause the area to hurt both to the touch and to the friction of clothing. Even so, the main consequence will be skin cancer. The melanoma It may present itself in different ways, such as irregular moles or other types of spots. Therefore, it will be very important to monitor the state and evolution of our skin.

Thus, it will be essential avoid continued exposure to the sun, observe the skin with some regularity, use sunscreen throughout the year and make use of sunglasses, hats or umbrellas. Therefore, the practice of sunbathing in the perianal area will not be recommended, since it can put your own health at risk.


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