She had two twin pregnancies at the same time. "This is one in 10 million"

She had two twin pregnancies at the same time. "This is one in 10 million"

Such cases do not actually happen. According to the doctors, they are less likely than a six to hit the lottery. This is why medics had to make sure several times before giving the surprising news to 35-year-old Ashley Ness. It turned out that the woman had two twin pregnancies at the same time.

“This situation is rare. It happens once in 10 million cases”

American Ashley Ness from Massachusetts already has an 8-year-old daughter. The woman also raises her partner’s three foster sons, but the couple have been trying to have a common child for a long time. Unfortunately, subsequent attempts were unsuccessful and Ashley miscarried four times.

When the woman came to terms with her fate and chose a gynecologist for birth control pills, she found out that she was pregnant. This news was a great surprise to her. But the biggest surprise was yet to come …

Two weeks later, during a standard ultrasound scan, the 35-year-old was told she was going to be a mother to quadruplets. What is most surprising – the woman did not become pregnant with a quadruple pregnancy. The doctor confirmed that two pairs of identical twins develop in her belly – girls and boys. “Such a situation is rare. It happens once in 10 million cases. If Ness played the lottery, she would be very rich, because it’s like hitting the jackpot,” Dr. Ahmet Baschat, director of the Fetal Therapy Center, told People.

The person who performed the ultrasound examination had to leave the office and make sure it was possible at all. A double twin pregnancy occurs when, during ovulation, two eggs are fertilized at the same time and then divide again. Such situations practically do not happen.

Quadruplets already in the world

Although the woman was to give birth to her children in October, the doctors, for health reasons, decided to bring them to life in mid-August. Another surprise appeared here, because the twins were in such a hurry to enter the world that they were born on July 28.

According to the doctors, the toddlers will spend the next eight weeks in the neonatology ward, where they will develop under the supervision of specialists. In an interview with People, the mother of quadruplets revealed that she and the children were doing well.

Meanwhile, family and friends are already organizing help for new parents who now have a family of ten to support.

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