Putin: His TV cheerleader calls Germany “the ultimate evil”! Are we new main enemy?

08/02/2022 at 12:45 p.m

Eklat in der CL Quali Putin Rufe bei Kiew Sieg in Istanbul

Scandal in the CL qualification: “Putin” shouts at Kyiv’s victory in Istanbul

Scandal in the CL qualification: “Putin” shouts at Kyiv’s victory in Istanbul

Scandal in the Champions League qualification between Fenerbahce Istanbul and Dynamo Kyiv: The supporters of the Istanbul club chanted the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2-1 defeat after extra time. Videos on social networks show the supporters singing.

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Germany in the Kremlin’s sights! Possibly spurred on by the latest heavy arms shipments to Ukraine, Berlin appears to be becoming a key enemy of Moscow. The Kremlin below Putin apparently sets an aggressive rhetorical line. Should there be unrest in Germany – or should the traffic light government be intimidated?

Events have come a long way in the past few days: Ukraine reported deliveries of Type 2000 self-propelled howitzers, the first Gepard tanks and the Mars II multiple rocket launcher from Germany. Berlin seems to have discarded its reluctance to supply arms to Ukraine. At the same time, the gas crisis between Russia and Europe has escalated in recent weeks Putin curbed exports.

Putin: Germany new main enemy in his state broadcaster?

On the Russian television Rossiya 1, Germany is considered “the ultimate evil”. That’s how martial Putin’s stoker Vladimir Solovyov described Germany in his propaganda talk show. The 58-year-old presenter is the top propagandist on state television and constantly drums for Putin’s war in Ukraine on his show.

Since Berlin has sided with Ukraine and the Bundeswehr is in a precarious position, Solovyov even fantasizes about an attack on the German capital. “Then we should open a second front and hit Germany as long as they are completely unarmed,” the Putin supporter recently demanded on television. In another program, he questioned whether Berlin even had anti-aircraft systems.

Putin propagandist: “We will burn and destroy everything and return to Berlin”

Regarding the German arms deliveries, Solovyov declared: “May they deliver everything, including the crew. We burn and destroy everything and return to Berlin.” An allusion to the Second World War and the division of the German capital into West and East Berlin.


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In any case, Germany is considered a Nazi state because of its support for Ukraine. Solovyov feels “a great hatred for Scholz and all political Nazis,” he admitted on television.

The programs on state television are broadcast with the benevolence of the Kremlin. A political will is therefore to be assumed behind the intensified tone.

Source: Derwesten

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