Pernilla Wahlgren's hard boot to Julia Franzén and Bingo Rimér: "Fuck"

Pernilla Wahlgren’s hard boot to Julia Franzén and Bingo Rimér: “Fuck”

There is no doubt that the reality star and influencer Julia Franzén and the photographer Bingo Rimér are a duo that are not afraid to offer themselves.

They have repeatedly shocked followers on Instagram, when they shared sick details from their private lives or intimate revelations about themselves. Bingo Rimér has, among other things, had a very lively question and answer session recently, where he shared a few things about the couple’s sex life. You can read more about Bingo’s answers to the sex questions here.

Now the couple has not only made the followers squirm – but also upset everyone’s reality queen Pernilla wahlgren

Julia Franzén: “He offered to ‘operate on me'”

In the past few days, Julia Franzén had a question and answer session on Instagram, where a follower wondered about “disgusting” things Bingo Rimér had done, similar to situations Julia previously revealed.

And Julia was not slow to share a thing that happened to her recently, where Bingo was happy to lend a helping hand – literally.

“Last week my tampon got stuck when my string came loose. So he offered to ‘operate’ on me,” wrote Julia in her events on Instagram.

Julia Franzén: “He drove up a cold toothbrush”

Julia Franzén says that the tampon she did not get out worried her and that she was afraid of having to go to the emergency room to get it out, but that she instead sought help from Bingo Rimér. But how would Bingo “operate” Julia then? Yes:

“He brought up a cold toothbrush,” says Julia and writes further:

“It was SO uncomfortable”.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

Fortunately, it seems to have gone well, because Julia also shared a picture of the result; Bingo held her bloody tampon. In addition to that, Julia also offered a video of the sequence of events, where she lies with her legs apart and Bingo tries to get the tampon out of her..

“A very disgusting thing”

Bingo Rimér called it all: “damn satisfying”, but reality star Pernilla Wahlgren, on the other hand, doesn’t quite agree…

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

In the latest episode of the podcast Wahlgren & Wistam, which Pernilla runs together with the host Sofia Wistamthe duo talk about disgusting things Sofia recently read about.

Among other things, she brings up “vabbing” as News24 reported on. Sofia has also read about Bingo helping Julia get the tampon out and then showing off the result on Instagram, which she tells Pernilla about. You can read more about when Bingo helped Julia with her tampon here.

Sofia begins by saying that she is going to tell about “a very disgusting thing” – and Pernilla certainly agrees that it is.

Pernilla Wahlgren: “There was my limit”

The duo laugh at the phenomenon but also have a few things to say.

– Isn’t that very strange? Sofia Wistam wonders what Pernilla Wahlgren is laughing at:

– Well, it was a bit strange… What can I say? Some people report everything.

But Pernilla not only reacts to the event itself, but also thinks that both the images and the approach are a bit too much for her.

– The sickest thing is that he really sits like a gynecologist. Kneeling in front of her between her legs. And he apparently prys out the tampon that got stuck with “a cold toothbrush”. No, damn. Oh my God. No, that was my limit, she says in the podcast.

Source: Then24

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