the national deputy Joseph Louis Espert suggested in an online interview to limit the birth rate in the poor households of the Argentina. In this way, the country would be prevented from becoming a “giant shantytown,” said the liberal economist. His words aroused controversy in the political arena, to the point that the social leader Daniel Menendez -also a government official- went out to cross it and described it as “human trash”.

The leader of Somos Barrios de Pie, who also works as Undersecretary for Integration and Training Policies in the Ministry of Social Development, referred to Espert in this way in a post on social networks. The deputy of Avanza Libertad had also been in favor of restricting the amount of universal allowances per child (AUH) paid by the State.

What had Espert said?

“One cannot give an AUH for each child: up to two children we give you AUH, but not. It cannot be that one is subsidizing the increase in poverty,” Espert said on a news portal in Buenos Aires. And he added that “the growth rate of the population in marginal households is four to five times higher than that of the population of the middle and upper middle class.”

“This means that, if a limit is not placed on the birth rate in poor households, Argentina is going to be a gigantic slum in the coming years,” stressed the national legislator for the province of Buenos Aires. He then added that “some of the poor people want to have children to collect the plan, but another part has children because they don’t know how to take care of themselves, they don’t have birth control.”

Menendez’s office

After Espert’s comments, Menéndez went out to the intersection and described the economist as “human garbage.” “I believe that Congress should take action on the matter and see some kind of signaling mechanism for this type of declarations that are on the verge of breaking up democratic coexistence,” considered the official from the Ministry of Social Development.

“Espert is human garbage. For everything there is a limit. Politics is about building a better society and when hatred is distilled towards the most humble sectors, all social ties are broken. It is very serious that someone who is a public person in such an irresponsible way makes such a statement, ”said the leader of Somos Barrio de Pie in statements to Crónica TV.

For the deputy, “the person who receives a social plan is a victim of the system and must be helped. But to social organizations, zero pesos”. “The culture of work is being destroyed. It went from ‘My son the doctor’ to ‘My son the public employee’. Now let’s go to ‘My son the piquetero or the beneficiary of a plan, the planero’”, Espert sentenced.

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