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Juan Manuel Urtubey: “Argentine politics has lost the vocation for dialogue”

Juan Manuel Urtubey, former governor of Salta, stated that the Government can achieve good results in the short term if it generates expectations from politics, however, he was not optimistic that the Front of All could achieve it, because he has little time left in office. On the other hand, he said that he agrees to dialogue with all politicians to help Argentina, but acknowledged that he is not and will not be part of Together for Change.

«To the extent that the Government manages to gain time and recover oxygen, it is good. A country with such a high level of precariousness cannot solve problems hand in hand with people, what it needs is an economic program and I hope that the minister (Serge Massa) raised it, “Urtubey sentenced in an interview for radio La Red.

«It is suggestive that a government after 2 and a half years has not had a program, if it is late, let it arrive, we will see what it is about. The Government ends next year, that is, practically 70% of the management is already finished, with which, reversing the management in a short time is not so easy and I do not know if they will be able to achieve it at this point, “said the leader who governed 8 consecutive years in Salta.

“The economy is ordered by expectations, so if you don’t generate it from politics, you won’t order it. The crisis began with politics and ended up destroying the economy with a fiscal imbalance in the current account, with an irresponsible monetary policy and a destroyed labor market. He is clearly talking about an economic crisis, but the origin is in the precariousness of Argentine politics,” insisted the former deputy.

«I see three steps: the first is to shield legal security, the second: is the fiscal balance based on lower spending or increasing taxes? Is the balance of the current account based on the increase in exports or will we continue to restrict imports? What will be the monetary policy linked to inflation that we have? What will be the incentives to improve the proportion of formal workers ? This is short-term and I hope to hear it this week, “said the 52-year-old leader.

«I am afraid that what is sought is the immediate effect and that ends up hurting us in the long term. Can the Government achieve results in the very short term by generating expectations? Yes, correct, the issue is how long will it last? Argentina has to live many more years,” said the politician who is also a lawyer and university professor.

During the talk, the journalist asked Urtubey if he planned to join the campaign of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta or Diego Santilli. “Argentine politics has lost the vocation for dialogue. What I do is talk to everyone without any restrictions. I am trying to find matches for Argentina, but I have nothing to do with Together for Change », she concluded.

Source: Elintransigente

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