Mario Biondo's parents had managed to reopen the case in Italy.

Italian justice closes Mario Biondo’s case nine years after his death

This past Monday, August 1, 2022, Italian justice has closed the case of Mario Biondo definitively, when nine years have just passed since his death. The final decision has come with the dismissal of the case, which the family of the deceased had managed to reopen in his native country after it was considered settled in Spain, confirming the thesis of suicide. Thus, the investigation that sought to clarify the lights and shadows that surrounded that May 30, 2013, the date on which the cameraman was found lifeless at his Madrid address on Calle Magdalena.

There began a long judicial process in two countries and with two completely opposed parties. As conflicting are also the conclusions reached by the Spanish and Italian courts.

In the judge’s conclusions of instruction in Palermo, Nicola Ayello, it is specified that Mario Biondo did not hang himself to take his own life, but in fact that scenario was faked to hide a murder. However, after nine years, he believes that it’s too late to find the culprits.

Mario Biondo’s parents had managed to reopen the case in Italy.


He also makes it clear that, in his opinion, things did not go well in Spain and cites some examples that could have been decisive in the resolution of the case. On the one hand, it ensures that “When the body was found, they should have carried out investigative activities that they did not carry out and that, given the time that had elapsed, could not have been carried out by the Italian judicial authorities.”

Another of the details that has caught the attention of the Italian lawyer is the hematoma in the left temporal area that Mario had on his skull and that, in his opinion, is “incompatible with a suicidal dynamic“.

Be that as it may, for Italian justice it is already a closed case. THE SPANISH has spoken with Santinamother of Mario Biondo, to find out how she and her husband, Giuseppe, have received the news. “It’s a half victory, but in Italy it has been established that it was a murder”, confess. They are happy because that is the thesis that they have defended all this time, but that has not been proven.

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Mario Biondo died around six in the morning of May 30, 2013 in the house he shared with his wife, while he was alone. Since then, the case has kept Spain and Italy on edge due to the circumstances of his death and the constant struggle of his family to discover more details of the fateful event. The Italian cameraman was found dead at home, hanging from a shelf.

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