Inflation ‘hits’ even bale clothes; increase prices due to rising demand

A bale of American clothing can cost up to four thousand pesos; merchants assure that with that price, the profits are almost nil

Saltillo, Coahuila.- The American clothing bales that are marketed from the states of the northern border to Southeast Region they increased their price even in a 60 percentthey assure local merchants.

Vendors report that it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain their business, as prices for each bale of clothes rose to the 4 thousand pesoswhen its price was between thousand and thousand 500 pesos.

These prices allowed them to invest and have profits of between 3 and 4 thousand pesos monthly, but now it is only enough for them to reinvest being their almost zero profit in the face of high prices, because even in social networks you can find bales of up to 7 thousand pesos.

On the one hand, the merchants affirm, that the increase is due to the fact that more and more people are willing to buy second-hand clothes: either for the brand, style, fashion and by pricewhich increased their sales and profits in the pandemic.

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It is no longer as frowned upon as beforewhich was believed to be second-hand clothes, but rattled or old. Now there are those who upload the garments up to social networks and right there they are sold, there are also more girls looking for the american brands.

“I think that then the sellers see that we are doing well and want to raise prices as if sales were always this good”expressed Monserrat Figueroa, seller.

$!Another possible reason for the increase is the hygiene restrictions for those who transport American clothing from the United States to Mexico.

Another possible reason for the increase is hygiene restrictions for those who move American clothing from the United States to Mexico.

However, they also believe it is due to the hygiene restrictions that have now been imposed on those who move American clothing from the USA a Mexicoas it normally comes from the liquidation market of the United States and arrives in the country in huge pressed packages for distribution at a very low cost.

Although the flea clothes has been selling for many years Coahuilamerchants said that in recent years their purchase (of clothing) has become more common among youthswho as children accompanied their mothers to tianguis to choose an American garment within the great pile.

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“The clothes are more and more expensive in stores, while on the bales there are designs that are not found later in Mexico and the girls look for the tops, pants or blouses; It’s not always easy to get good ones low cost jeanscommented Luli Herrera, seller.

In addition, they assured that they can hardly raise the prices of the garments or pieces, since they will be equal to those of the stores, that is why it is important to maintain the same prices per bale and not increase their cost, they exhorted the suppliers.

Well, in addition, businessmen point out that dedicating themselves to “falluca” or work in markets and fleas carries its risks as it is not a totally legal activitydespite the attempts, they assured, of the same merchants to regularize the market of which they are also a part.

Source: Vanguardia

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