“I must be a link for young people”: Saúl Meza, director of ISJU

“I must be a link for young people”: Saúl Meza, director of ISJU

Sinaloa.- From a very young age, Saul Gerardo Meza Lopez, director of the Sinaloense Youth Institute, has become interested in politics. At the age of 13 he had his first participations, and at 19 he was a poll representative and finally in 2017 he started working for the Morena Party; He was also a photographer for Rubén Rocha Moya in his campaign for senatorship. Debate interviewed Saúl on a walk through Las Riberas park, in Culiacán.

Do you know the President of the Republic?

I had the opportunity to be in several events with him in 2018. It was very exciting; I have a picture with him and I covered events for him when I was at the game.

What do you think of the discussion between chairos and fifís?

I think it’s a bad concept because those who believe they are of a higher class are called fifis or those who are of a lower class are called chairos. In my perception, we are all the same.

What is your next step in your political career?

To praise the Institute and that all young people know that it exists.

What don’t you like about the 4T?

That the people on the right do not accept the good things that the Fourth Transformation has, for example, the pension for the elderly, or the misnamed “Nini Scholarship”, which is a training, they do not spread it as such, they misinform it.

How many years are required to make the change that Mexico requires?

The change has already begun, but since it is a cultural change, it is in us as people.

Who could be the next president of Mexico?

To be honest, I don’t have a candidate yet. I will wait for the decision they make in the game.

As for the ISJU, is there any wildlife care awareness program for youth?

We are working very hand in hand with the Ministry of Welfare and Sustainable Development, we depend directly on that dependency. Cleanings, awareness campaigns are carried out and we try to promote that culture.

What are the projects at the Institute’s door?

The theme of the Youth Kitchens is a program that I want to continue because it attacks hunger, which is a point of the UN; then to be able to subsidize breakfasts to low-income youth who have the opportunity to have a breakfast at a lower cost. The rules of operation have already been approved.

What is your vision about the ISJU between now and the end of your address?

I consider that the Institute or I, Saúl Meza, as the director, should be a link for the young people. That if a young person needs something from a Secretariat, that they come to us to help them walk together, that it be an accompaniment of the Institute with all the young people of Sinaloa.

What is the work environment like at the Institute?

It is an office work environment. Sometimes we get stressed, we are happy and sometimes we chatter. We have our differences, our dislikes too, because we are all young. I am not going to tell you that there is always happiness, because we debate, we have different opinions, but we always reach a consensus.

What sectors of Sinaloa have the ISJU on alert regarding the poor quality of life that young people may be leading?

We are not in charge of looking at these statistics first, but Badiraguato is the poorest municipality in Sinaloa. So, I think it needs some special attention, which is already being given to it. There are the programs of Sowing Life, Youth Building the Future and the Benito Juárez Scholarships.

How many young people come to the Institute monthly?

I don’t have an account, but I think that when they go directly to ask for support there are between 50 and 60 young people.

The Profile

Saúl Gerardo Meza López, Director of isju
*Age: 29 years old.
*Place of birth: Culiacan, Sinaloa.
*Career: Marketer graduated from the UAS. He has worked on political marketing campaigns, social networks and electoral digital strategies.

Source: Debate

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