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From paralysis to expulsion from the USSR. What did Amanova, Pugovkin and other stars of the film “Sportloto-82” go through?

Among the works of Leonid Gaidai there were many vivid paintings that have become favorites for several generations of Russians. One of them is “Sportloto-82”. What is most interesting, at the time of release, the tape received cool reviews from critics. Many of them claimed that the comedy came out secondary, largely copying the director’s previous hits.

One way or another, Sportloto-82 has passed the test of time. Audiences still love this story. But for some reason they remember less and less about the performers of the main roles. On the day of the 40th anniversary since the release of the picture, StarHit decided to fix this and tell how the fate of the artists turned out.

Algis Arlauskas

Acting career Algis began rapidly. The artist played with Gaidai when he was only 25 years old, and then all-Union popularity fell on him. But this success did not last long. After the tape “Love for Love” the glory of Arlauskas began to fade. Well, in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. Against the backdrop of the crisis that covered the country, the cinema was also going through hard times.

At that time, Arlauskas had already switched to directing in documentaries. The actor has repeatedly admitted that he dreamed of putting pictures himself, and not appearing in the frame. That is why in the early 90s Algis faced a difficult choice: to leave the cinema due to the crisis in the country or to change his place of residence. He chose the second option, moving to his mother’s homeland in Spain.

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“I had to either become a taxi driver or change my profession. I was lucky: in Spain I was offered a job in my profession. Filmed documentaries there for three years. First, I went with my daughter, my wife, actress Marina Shimanskaya, and her son stayed in Moscow. For a year we made a nest, and then my wife and son arrived. When he stopped making films, he began teaching acting. Marina also learned the language and began to teach. We decided to organize our own theatrical and cinematographic school, which was built on the principles of the Russian theatrical tradition – Mikhail Chekhov, Evgeny Vakhtangov, Konstantin Stanislavsky, ”the artist shared in an interview.

Algis and Marina went through many trials together, and from the outside their union seemed very strong. However, in 2016, the stars of Soviet cinema divorced. It happened because of the betrayals of Arlauskas. Despite personal experiences, the artists were able to maintain friendly relations, and now they continue to work together.

Svetlana Amanova

For Svetlana, working with Gaidai also became a turning point in her creative biography. Thanks to the comedy, all directors of the country immediately drew attention to the actress. The audience bought up magazines with Amanova on the cover, and every day the artist herself was bombarded with a stream of scripts.

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What is most interesting, Svetlana herself never dreamed of fabulous popularity. That is why the star often refused solid film offers, making a choice in favor of the theater. This approach, layered on the crisis of the early 90s, led to the fact that at some point Amanova completely disappeared from the screens.

The actress never became a big star

The actress never became a big star

The renaissance of Svetlana’s career happened in the 2000s, when she began to be called to the series. Then the actress played prominent roles in “Poor Nastya” and “Margosha”. Of course, Amanova remained in the background, but the audience again remembered her.

Now the artist is already 61 years old. She runs a children’s theater studio and plays on stage. But Svetlana rarely acts in films, choosing only those projects that help her open up from a new side.

Denis Kmit

In the film “Sportloto-82” Denis played a not too pleasant character – the fiance of the main character, who now and then conflicts with others. Of course, Kmit received his moment of fame, but his fate was tragic anyway. While serving in the army, Denis received a severe spinal injury, due to which he was confined to a wheelchair.

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Due to health problems, Kmit had to practically retire from acting. Not wanting to betray his vocation, Denis devoted himself to the visual arts and writing scripts. The actor returned to the profession only a few times, embodying characters with disabilities and broken destinies on the screen.

In 2019, Denis died after a serious illness. Health problems overtook the actor before: once he even ended up in intensive care due to kidney disease. And yet, Kmit was finally broken by the death of his mother – the artist survived his relative by only a few months.

Mikhail Pugovkin

Mikhail Pugovkin needs no introduction. By the time of the filming of “Sportloto-82”, the artist was already a popular favorite and a star of the comedy genre. In many ways, the huge success of Pugovkin was associated with the name of Gaidai, because the director often shot a friend in his films.

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By the way, “Sportloto-82” was almost the last film success in the career of Mikhail Ivanovich. After the collapse of the USSR, the artist was less likely to be called to the cinema, and he himself could hardly adapt to the new order in the industry. At that time, he moved to the Crimea, where he organized a creative center named after himself. There the artist lived and worked for many years, periodically visiting the capital.

It was in Moscow that Pugovkin died in the summer of 2008. The tragedy occurred due to an exacerbation of diabetes, although other causes of the artist’s death were also named. So, some fans are sure that the actor was in a state of deep depression due to the lack of new creative proposals, and this significantly affected his well-being. One way or another, Pugovkin will forever remain in history as one of the brightest comedy artists of the USSR.

Mikhail Kokshenov

Mikhail Mikhailovich began acting in films back in the 60s, but then he got very tiny roles that no one paid attention to. The real fame came to the artist later, namely in the 80s. In the 90s, when many of his colleagues were lost, Kokshenov, on the contrary, found a new way to express himself creatively – he also began to work as a director.

Kokshenov continued his active creative activity until the mid-2000s. Of course, the number of proposals was gradually reduced, but the audience still adored Mikhail Mikhailovich. Problems with work were largely due to the fact that health troubles were increasingly making themselves felt. This led to the fact that after 2011 the artist stopped acting in films and writing new scripts.

In 2017, Kokshenov had a stroke. The artist’s condition was extremely difficult, so he finally disappeared from the fans’ radars. In recent years, his wife Natalya Vasilievna was next to the star. It was she who looked after the artist, prolonging his life. Mikhail Mikhailovich died on June 4, 2020 from acute heart failure.

Nina Grebeshkova

Nina Pavlovna played her most striking roles in the films of her husband, Leonid Gaidai. Here is the wife of the protagonist in The Diamond Hand, and the doctor of the psychiatric hospital in The Prisoner of the Caucasus, and Aunt Kostya in Sportloto-82. The artist not only served as a muse for Gaidai, but was also considered his support in everyday life.

When the great director died, Grebeshkova began to appear on the screens much less frequently. The actress was offered new roles, but most often they turned out to be very small. Nina Pavlovna herself has repeatedly admitted that the best and brightest years of her life are in the past and they are connected, of course, with her husband.

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“I miss my husband very much, I am so lucky to have him. True, Lenya does not dream of me and does not call me with him. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about him. You know, I rewind in my memory everything that happened between us, and I wonder how he tolerated me, because I was so unbearable! shared the star.

Now, next to the 91-year-old artist, there are constantly a daughter and a granddaughter. Relatives do not let Grebeshkova get bored in her well-deserved retirement. Often journalists also remember the star, and Nina Pavlovna always gives interviews about past career successes with pleasure.

Andrey Tolshin

In “Sportloto-82” the hero of Andrey Tolshina received undeservedly little attention. But it is precisely in the footsteps of this character that the main characters follow throughout the film.

One way or another, Gaidai’s comedy was of great importance for Tolshin’s career, because it was his screen debut. The work on the film gave an impetus to Andrey’s creative development, but did not make him a star. In the future, the artist periodically flashed on the screens, but most often in the roles of the second and third plan.

Now Tolshin focused on teaching. He conducts courses on acting, not forgetting to star in popular projects himself.

Borislav Brondukov

Borislav Nikolayevich belongs to that rare category of actors who are usually called “kings of the episode.” The artist himself liked to brag about the fact that he was able to turn even one short scene into a benefit performance for himself.

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Over the years of creative activity, Brondukov managed to light up in more than 100 paintings! His phenomenal performance was envied by many colleagues. Perhaps Borislav Nikolaevich would have had time to play many more bright roles, but health problems prevented him. Back in 1984, Borislav Nikolayevich suffered his first stroke. Then the star was able to recover, but soon the attack recurred.

After the fourth stroke, Brondukov could no longer get out of bed. The bedridden artist was cared for by his wife. Borislav Nikolaevich passed away from life in 2004, leaving behind a huge legacy of dozens of vivid images.

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