Focus modes have taken a giant step forward in iOS 16. Use them to filter out those inappropriate calls

Thanks to the focus modes that came with iOS 15, we can manage what notifications we receive at each moment of the day. These concentration modes evolve in iOS 16 and add several exciting new features.

Modes to filter, customize and with white or black list of calls and notifications

There are eight novelties, some more important than others, that come to the concentration modes in iOS 16. The customization of the lock screen on the iPhone, coupled with the possibility of link a specific lock screen with a focus mode. Thus, we only have to select the screen we want and the rest is automatic. Something that is suggested to us during the same configuration and that is really interesting to simplify processes and make it clearer in what mode of concentration we are.

In the same way we can now program the concentration modes. Some ways that They will activate according to our schedule, location or use of apps and that even suggest us which pages of the home screen we may want to see during its configuration. In addition to the new API with which developers can integrate their apps in the system and to simplify their configuration, we can now choose between allowed and silenced notifications.

So, now, we can configure a mode that only allow calls, and notifications, from certain contacts to pass through, or to block some specific ones. This is something we will do from the app Settingscoming into Concentration modeschoosing the mode we want to customize or adding a new one and touching People. Here we can choose which people can call us (and write to us) or which cannot. Let’s also look at the section on allow calls from that we can configure, and in the option to Allow repeat calls.

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Thanks to the modes of concentration We will thus filter those inopportune calls depending on what we are doing, the time of day or where we are. Something that, although we could already do in iOS 15, we can now do more efficiently. The latest novelty, the filters in the concentration modes that allow us to hide certain content in Mail, Messages, Calendar or even Safari will also help us not to get distracted while we have a certain mode active. Interesting changes that go far beyond avoiding unwanted calls, but start there.


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