Focus: Macron pyromaniac!

Focus: Macron pyromaniac!

Macron is obsessed with Mali. All the occasions were good on the territory of France and Navarre to drool over the country, its leaders and their sovereign choice of alliance as if we had linked our destiny to that of France for eternity.

The young French president is now coming to pick us up on our (African) lands visiting Cameroon, Benin and Guinea-Bissau. He distills treacherous allusions about the Russian threat on the continent, quickly forgetting in passing that France is the only country which gave birth to a mercenary leader, Bob Denard of sad memory, who not only carried out a coup d’etat in Comoros in 1975 and ruled the country with his straw man, but went so far as to mount an operation of the same nature, in 1977, against the Benin of Mathieu Kérékou which fortunately ended in bitter failure. Either Macron ignores history (he has the excuse that even an Enarque president does not necessarily know everything) or he has a selective memory backed by a bad faith to cut with a knife (much more probable hypothesis) to play the frightened virgins in front of each act of affirmation of Mali’s freedom as an attack on French interests. This feverish spirit arrived at a good time in business, because one wonders what president of the Republic he would make in the dark hours of the East-West cold war, he who is so terrified even by the shadow of Vladmir Putin? But in Guinea-Bissau, the French Head of State has taken a step forward in his interference and his desire to destroy our living together by insinuating human rights violations of which the Fulani are the target in our country.

This arsonist-president must be reminded that the wedding convoy decimated, on January 3, 2021, with missiles by the French army at Bounty and presented as a jihadist column was exclusively composed of Fulani civilians. This criminal blunder, documented by the MINUSMA investigation concluding in the attack against a civilian convoy, never moved the self-proclaimed “new defender” of the Fulani of Mali. Macron is the supreme leader of an army that also lacked the decency or compassion to acknowledge the facts out of respect for the pain of bereaved families.

Here is a statesman, rather a statesman insensitive to the human condition (“there are people who are everything and others who are nothing”), cynical as possible on the political level (he mobilizes the left against Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election, before choosing Marine Le Pen against the Left in the legislative elections), it is this man who, with a tremolo in his voice, sets himself up as the defender of part of our national community.

The Muslims of France who have never been so stigmatized as today need these good feelings against the surge of hatred, starting with that which your Minister of the Interior, Gérard Darmanin, devotes to him. The victims of racism in multiple forms expect from the president, a valiant knight of human rights, a word of condemnation of police violence, which is sometimes deadly.

The unrestrained reference to a part of the national whole indicates a clear intention to fracture Mali along ethnic lines, out of spite, after the many setbacks suffered in relations with Bamako.

But the Little Sun King of modern times is comforted by the servility of some of our leaders. Biya offered him a mega star platform with the secret ambition of having his 1st Son dubbed, whose accomplice handshake with Macron was the expected gain from the visit to Yaoundé. The dream of dynastic succession can now take shape.

Patrice Talon, as under the Foccart era, did not find a better time to release opponents political prisoners (30 in total) than the passage of Emmanuel Macron.

The young Bissau-Guinean president, Umaro Sissoko Emballo, could have lost even his pants if the French president had not contented himself only with asking him to take off his jacket and tie. Macron’s wishes are orders!

As if this humiliating sartorial episode weren’t enough, young President Emballo promised Macron an ECOWAS anti-coup force that can’t even cope with its survival missions in a space scarred by insecurity. A debauchery of docility that sounds like an offense to the memory of the illustrious Amilcar Cabral who proclaimed the independence of Guinea-Bissau.

Faced with so many bows, Macron will continue to embolden himself against Mali, the bad example, the one who must be punished for not being a school. He simply forgets that a page in the Africa-France relationship has been resolutely turned, that of triumphant paternalism, arrogance and denial of reality. It is not by stirring up the demons of ethnicism in Mali that Macron will reverse the direction of history. Over to the arsonist!

Sambou Diarra

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