Do you want to participate in The Squid Game?  A company has prepared six tests and it will be possible to play in a group

Do you want to participate in The Squid Game? A company has prepared six tests and it will be possible to play in a group

Now you can feel inside The Squid Game thanks to Netflix’s collaboration with a company to design an immersive game that uses 3D motion capture.

The squid game is still a mass phenomenon and, the truth is that it seems that this fanaticism for the series that premiered on Netflix several months ago is not going to end in a short period of time. Since its premiere we have witnessed madness that comes from the hand of different types of people and, it is that, many want to be within this dystopian universe.

Yes, this fascination has made even YouTube content creators like MrBeast decide to emulate the game in the only way someone like him can: on a grand scale and with a prize pool of half a million dollars. In addition, all this being broadcast on YouTube so that any user can follow it for free.

Now the initiative does not come from the hand of an independent creator, it has been the company Immersive Gamebox which, together with Netflix, has managed to create an interactive game that simulates being part of the South Korean series that so many fans has amassed throughout the world. Of course, the difference is that here the one who has to pay to play is you.

Unfortunately, the prizes that exist are virtual and, logically, you will not die if you fail a test. In fact, the operation is similar to that of any video game. When you pass a test, you will receive virtual money that will accumulate in a wallet that is integrated into the game, while if you fail a test, what will happen is that you will lose a life.

On a technical level, we are facing a game that uses motion capture to be able to immerse you in a room where the different scenarios of The Squid Game are projected. The tests included are the most eye-catching in the Netflix series, such as managing to separate the shape of the cookie without breaking it.

There is also the test of marbles, throwing the rope, the glass bridge or the dreaded game where a doll watches your steps and you have to move forward without detecting your movements. The truth is that at a general level it is a good example of everything that can be achieved using technology as a means of adaptation.

Now the buts arrive, This game is only in the United States and the United Kingdom.. In addition, if you are in any of the cities where this experience has been chosen, you will have to be over 16 years of age and pay the entrance fee that ranges from 22 euros to 40 euros depending on the place where this experience is located.


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