Disney+: Fans are afraid of the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale – it can’t be beat in terms of tragedy

Disney+: Fans are afraid of the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale – it can’t be beat in terms of tragedy

08/01/2022 at 10:39 p.m

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The longest-running hospital series “Grey’s Anatomy“ now has 18 seasons, all of them in this country Disney+ Are available. But one day, for better or for worse, the drama surrounding Meredith Gray and Co. will come to an end.

How exactly the big “Grey’s Anatomy“Final, which, among other things, also at Disney+ viewers can only guess at what will be seen. In any case, a gloomy fan theory does not predict anything good.

Grey’s Anatomy on Disney+: Fans fear the worst for Meredith Grey

Since the spring of 2006, German viewers have been following Dr. Meredith Gray and her colleagues at Gray Sloan Memorial, who are faced with life-and-death decisions in their job, but also struggle with personal problems. In May 2022, the ABC series crew even celebrated the airing of the 400th episode.

However, when and how the hospital series will end is still uncertain. In a Reddit post, loyal fans have now pondered what details could point to the finale. One viewer’s theory can even be traced back through all seasons to the pilot – and predicts a dramatic death.

He fears that Meredith will meet the same fate as her mother. In the very first episode, viewers learn that Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mom, has Alzheimer’s and lives in an assisted living facility. In addition, Ellis kept crates of diaries, which Meredith eventually discovered. In it she not only learns new things about her mother’s medical experiences, but also about her private secrets.

“I think it ends up with Meredith being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we see an adult version of Zola or one of the other kids finding her diaries that she speaks in every episode,” the fan opines.

+++ Attention, there are spoilers for the content of seasons 3, 7, 9 and 18! +++

“Grey’s Anatomy” on Disney +: Previous seasons prophesy dramatic end

Meredith has three children as of season 18. So if the next generation uncovers the stories captured by Meredith’s voiceover – even if they themselves have forgotten them due to illness – the story would come full circle.

The disease haunts Meredith throughout the series. In season 3, her mother dies of Alzheimer’s, in season 7 she is assisting Derek in his clinical trial on the disease, and in season 9 Meredith finally finds out that she is positive for several genetic indicators for the disease. So it’s quite possible that the protagonist is on her deathbed at the end of the series.


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Some Reddit users therefore also assume that popular characters who have already left will return to the finale to say goodbye to the terminally ill Meredith.

But all of this is just the creativity of the fans. When “Grey’s Anatomy” will be set at all is still in the stars. Season 19 of the hospital series was only announced in January 2022.

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