Court documents could alter the outcome of the Depp vs. Heard trial!

Court documents could alter the outcome of the Depp vs. Heard trial!

Unveiling of court documents in the Depp vs. Heard trial exposes strategies and evidence omitted by Johnny Depp’s legal team.

Much of 2022 has revolved around one of the most mediatic processes in history: the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it started when the actor sued Heard for defamation after the publication of an article Washington Postwhere Depp was exposed as perpetrator of sexual violence.

Said event would lead to a trial where JOhnny Depp would ask for compensation following the damage that the declarations of Amber Heard had had against her career and reputation. Finally in early June, the jury voted for Depp, leaving Heard with a compensation debt for 10.35 million dollars Already Depp for $2 million.

Since then, Heard’s team has sought put the case on appeal, with which the verdict can be reconsidered or, in any case, give rise to a new trial. However, to date all motions have been denied, so Amber Heard still looking for news shapes of appeal. And now, after the release of court documents where unaddressed details of the trial between Heard and Depp are exposedsuch an appeal might be possible.

we tell you the new trial details and the implications they could have for both the case of Depp vs. Heardas for other lawsuits in process within Hollywood.

purposeless evidence

During the weekend, more than 6,000 pages of court documents came to light. In these, not only are revealed details never mentioned before about the case, but the strategies implemented by each legal teamwhich until now does not favor Johnny Depp.

One of the documents reveals that Depp’s legal team sought to provide the court with evidence that invaded Amber Heard’s personal life, among them, intimate photographs, a statement from the previous couples of both Amber and her sister Whitney, evidence that exposed Amber Heard’s past as an exotic dancer before entering the medium hollywood and the supposed time that the actress had worked as a company lady.

The judge ruled out the presentation of said articles, since he did not consider them relevant to the trial. Nevertheless, Johnny Depp’s lawyers they took the strategy much further.

Also revealed was the testimony of Whitney Henriquez, sister of Amber, who during the interview, Depp’s lawyers approached with questions about Logan, a friend of Amber who had died in a car accident when they were young and who, according to Henriquez, had had a great impact on heard. The legal team insisted on whether Amber and Logan were involved in a relationship or fight, to which Whitney said no.

Subsequently, hinted that Amber Heard had lost her driver’s license in the accident, something that was refuted in court as it had nothing to do with the case, and when it was verified that Amber’s license had been withdrawn for speeding.

Did Depp Delete Messages?

Perhaps the most revealing part of the documents is the possession of messages from Johnny’s then-assistant, Stephen Deuters to Amber Heard in 2014, when the alleged fight arose where the actor kicked his ex-partner in the head.

In the messages, Depp’s assistant stated that “If anyone was really honest with Johnny about what happened on the plane, he would be horrified.”

“I’m sorry there isn’t a better way to let you know how serious your actions were yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I remember in great detail everything that happened. I was horrified, when I told him he kicked you, and he cried.”

Stephen Deauters to Amber Heard.

Likewise, Depp’s messages were presented, where the actor apologizes to Amber for the fight saying “Once again, I find myself in a place full of shame and regret. Of course I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. My illness was more than me and took control.”

And although the messages were provided from Heard’s team side, the jury determined them missing for unknown reasonssince they couldn’t find them in the cloud of Johnny’s devices, who is now assumed to have deleted them long ago.

Correlation with Marilyn Manson

In the same way, during the trial Depp’s team demanded that any reference or evidence involving Marilyn be excluded Manson in the case, since conversations were revealed in which the interpreter stated that he was dealing with a Amber 2.0.

In the message, Manson asked Depp to delete the message as soon as he had read it, recounting in it that a woman named Lindsay wanted to sue him for domestic and sexual violence. The case had escalated in such a way that the police and Lindsay’s family had already been involved, so Manson intended to flee and sought asylum at Depp’s house.

Depp responded to messages in support of Manson, where he said that “Lindsay’s behavior was sociopathic” and that his ex was “a perfect example” of such a profile.

The messages – which Depp’s legal team did not want to be considered in the case so as not to incriminate their client by association – not only ended up focusing on the case of Manson and his partner, but also led to discussions in which the singer “offered” Depp to present him with an 18-year-old fan for a sexual encounter.

In March 2022, Marilyn Manson had followed in Depp’s footsteps, announcing that he would put a lawsuit against actress Evan Rachel Wood for defamation, after she made her complaint to the singer public in February of this year.

Brian Warner He faces more than a dozen sexual assault charges., several of which had been presented since 1998, but had never been followed up on. Following Wood’s statements, at least four new victims spoke out against the alleged abuser. And although nothing is clear, it is assumed that Johnny Depp could be offering legal support to Manson for the defamation trial that has not yet been given court approval.

The falsification and omission of evidence

Although much more information regarding the case is revealed among the documents, falsifying evidence and discarding it It is one of the most striking. Well, Heard’s team seems to have demanded that the metadata behind the photographs and audio provided by Depp reveals that they were modified before the trial.

It is alleged that several of the recordings were edited by Depp, well “Clearly you can hear the altered phrases cut in half”. The metadata also shows that the recordings were created in 2015 and altered between 2016 and 2020. Among them, a conversation was omitted in its entirety where Johnny Depp proposed strategies to avoid reaching violent altercations, insinuating that he also perpetrated them.

Likewise, the metadata of the images of Depp’s alleged injuries showed that they had been “generated” some time after the incidents that they supposedly represented. Among them, an image that Depp claimed had been taken in 2015, but that according to the encrypted information, It had been modified in 2019.

In an opposite case, evidence that a Depp witness had provided was removed from the trial. Well, Johnny had submitted to evaluation lThe images of Heard’s wounds, where it was verified that they were reallike the testimony of psychiatrist Dawn M. Hughes, who determined after several sessions with Amber that the actress was suffering from post-traumatic stress due to an abusive relationship.

Previously, it had also been determined that part of the campaign against Amber Heard on social networks had been implemented by bots; and although the statement had not gone much further, the documents exposed by the court reveal that Depp’s lawyers fought because evidence on negative traffic towards the actress was excludedallegedly unfounded for connections with Russian agents of Johnny Depp’s ex-lawyer, Adam Waldmann.

Even it is not known if Amber Heard’s team will take action regarding the disclosure of the court documents, although considering the appeals of the court, it is likely that undergo a new evaluation the case of both actors.

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