Control the pH level and temperature of your pool from your mobile

Control the pH level and temperature of your pool from your mobile

If you have a pool, it is most likely that you control the pH and temperature manually, but you can also do it from your mobile phone.

The Google application store has a huge amount of content that varies enormously since there are both applications with which to customize the mobile phone, such as zombie games and even one that is capable of controlling the pH level together with the temperature of the pool.

Yes, you read correctly and this is possible. Of course, do not think anything strange like that you have to put the phone in the pool. In fact, the situation is much simpler, and it is that, you have to use a specific device that comes from the hand of iopool and under the name of EcO. This being an intelligent water analyzer for swimming pools.

At the design level, we are faced with a device that has an elongated shape and with a base on which you can see several fins that, in principle, should help stabilize this device in the water. In the upper area what we find is a widening that ends in a non-cylindrical shape.

As for the functionalities, the first thing to keep in mind is that it needs electricity to work, although this is provided by a long battery life and therefore it should not be necessary to change this battery or recharge it in a short period of time; making it a self-contained team.

Leaving aside the battery or, rather, the autonomy of this device, we are going to review the design in terms of materials and size. It is built so that it can withstand a state of almost immersion, it also has a size of only 20 centimeters and a weight of 150 grams so it can be used in any type of pool..

To be able to connect with the mobile device uses Bluetooth therefore, in order to manage the information it offers, it will always be necessary to be fairly close to the device. Come on, you will not be able to know the state of the pH of the pool or the temperature if, for example, you are in another city.

The application with which this can be managed is found in the Apple and Google application stores, so we are dealing with a device that can be used by both Android devices and those with iOS operating system. Of course, it is not a cheap device since it has a price of 206 euros.


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