Cecilia Moreau was proposed to replace Massa as President of the Deputies

Cecilia Moreau was proposed to replace Massa as President of the Deputies

In the special session that the Frente de Todos convened for Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., Sergio Massa will present his resignation from the presidency of the Lower House and his bench to take over as head of the Ministry of Economy, with the old attributes of the portfolio that it will concentrate Agriculture and Industry –among other economic springs–, in search of strengthening the Government. The head of the ruling party, Germán Martínez, confirmed yesterday that they will propose the deputy of the Renovating Front, Cecilia Moreau, as president of the legislative body and that would be ratified in a meeting of the Frente de Todos bloc prior to the session, for which a woman would be anointed for the first time in its history as head of the Chamber of Deputies. Meanwhile, the leader of the Piquetero Party, Juan Marinowho joined the FdT list in 2019, will assume the mandate that Massa leaves vacant until December 2023.

Massa himself was in charge of clearing the speculations around his place as legislator on Sunday. In his return to social networks – which he had suspended since he became president of the Lower House – the Tigress stated that he would resign from the presidency of the body and his bench. “I listened and read questions, queries and doubts regarding Tuesday’s session in which we changed authorities of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies. I want to be very clear, I decided to assume the responsibility that touches me with my soul and life, ”he communicated through his Twitter account. In the same way he announced the team that he appointed to accompany him in his extensive portfolio.

The call for Tuesday’s session signed by deputies of the ruling party it came in installments, which was confirming the very presidency of the Chamber. The first stated that its purpose was “relative to the resignation of Deputy Sergio Tomás Massa from the Presidency of the Body and the election of his replacement.” Then it was extended to the resignation of Massa from his bench and yesterday it was extended to the assumption of Marino in his replacement.

In the midst of a dance of names, the head of the ruling bloc confirmed yesterday that they will propose Cecilia Moreau to assume the presidency of the Corps. “One of the compañeras who undoubtedly meets all the requirements to be president of the Chamber to replace Sergio Massa, is the compañera Cecilia Moreau. Tomorrow (on Tuesday) at noon we will have a block meeting, where we are going to formally propose that we can propose Cecilia in the session so that she holds the presidency of the Chamber. We are happy with the decision because we know of her human and political qualities, both are important for this type of role, ”said Martínez in a brief dialogue with the parliamentary reporters.

Moreau’s assumption of the presidency will also mark a milestone in legislative history: She will be the first woman to preside over the deliberative body. Radical militancy since her youth, Cecilia Moreau left the centenary party in 2014 to join the ranks of Sergio Massa’s Renovating Front. In 2015 she was elected national deputy by the UNA seal and in 2019 she was re-elected by the Frente de Todos, in both cases by the province of Buenos Aires.

As deputy head of the pro-government caucus, Moreau accompanied the entire management of Máximo Kirchner -with whom she forged good political ties- at the head of the bloc and was ratified to continue in that task, now together with Germán Martínez, in addition to chairing the strategic commission of General Legislation.

At 45 years old, the legislator He will continue in the footsteps of his father, Leopoldo Moreau, who during the mandate of Raúl Alfonsín assumed the presidency of the Lower House replacing the experienced radical leader Juan Carlos Pugliese, who was then sworn in as Economy Minister, replacing Juan Vital Sourrouille.

What did the opposition say?

The path to the assumption of Cecilia Moreau seems clear. “My position on the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies is that the first minority is the one that elects the position. That first minority is the FdT. Together for Change does not want to be in the line of presidential succession and, furthermore, we are the second minority,” said the head of the official block of the UCR, mario nigri.

In the same sense, the macrista pronounced himself Omar Marchi, who as first vice president of the Chamber of Deputies –representing JpC— will preside over Tuesday’s session. The deputy from Mendoza argued that the opposition interbloc “will not put spokes in the wheel”. “Whoever is elected as the new president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation must be someone with a clearly conciliatory profile, so that there is dialogue, to build bridges and not break them because there is no other way. In Deputies there are 257 legislators and none of them are ‘breast babies’, that’s why he must be a person willing to agree”, said the deputy.

But the proclaimed “consensus” preached by De Marchi did not reach JpC, which was unable to agree on the meaning of the opposition interbloc’s vote on the floor. Yesterday the meeting of the macrista interblock was held by Zoom, where there was no formal decision. A majority leaned towards abstention, others wanted to vote against the ruling party’s decision. Although the differences in the opposition bench will not be formally registered, since the vote will be by show of hands and by simple majority. If abstention prevails, the proposal of the Front of All would not be hindered.

Juan Marino, the replacement on the bench

Meanwhile, yesterday work was done on expanding the call for Juan Marino take over the bench left by Massa. Marino, 34, is the leader and founder of the Piquetero Party, and defines himself as a “militant Trotskyist.” His link to his territorial organization with La Cámpora dates back to the times of “resistance with endurance” that was conceived in opposition to the government of Mauricio Macri. Until now he was in charge of the Provincial Directorate of Territorial Organization, which depends on the Undersecretary of Community Organization, in the Ministry of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, the portfolio of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque. He joined the list of candidates for deputies of the Frente de Todos in 2019 for the province of Buenos Aires, in 29th place on the list of 35. In compliance with the gender parity law, he will be the one who completes Massa’s mandate.

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