The open wound continues in the Frente de Todos: "Martín Guzmán's resignation was poorly managed"

Alberto Fernández made a new adjustment in his Cabinet

President Alberto Fernandez continues to make changes within hours of Serge Massa formally become “super minister” of Economy. The fact is that the head of state appointed this Monday Julian Leunda What new boss of Cabinet of advisersinstead of John Manuel Olmos. It should be noted that the latter will go on to serve as the Chief of Staff together with the head of the area, Juan Manzur.

Leunda was until now deputy chief in the Cabinet of Advisors and is a young official from Comodoro Rivadavia, who had been gaining ground in the consideration of the President. In this way he was at the head of the area that also includes the philosopher Ricardo Forster -former secretary of National Thought of Cristina Kirchner-, Adriana Puiggrós (Education) and Ariel Gustavo Kogan (Energy), among others.

For his part, Olmos, close to Pope Francis and one of the last right-hand men that Fernández has left inside the Casa Rosada, will serve as Chief of Staff, amid the restructuring of the Government that led to the landing of Sergio Massa as minister of a portfolio that will unify the areas of Economy, Productive Development and Agriculture. More modifications are expected to be applied in the coming days.

Alberto Fernández’s message about the unity of the FdT

President Fernandez put into office on Monday the new Secretary of Strategic Affairs -replacing the resigning Gustavo Beliz-, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, during a ceremony in which he referred to the changes in the Cabinet and the intern in the ruling party. In this sense, she maintained that “the Front of All has found a way to continue together.”

“We are starting a different stage, we want to give a strong impetus to management issues, in a complex world, we have managed to overcome the times of the pandemic and we are trying to overcome the times of war. and in unity”, remarked the head of state when deciding to speak, moments before the swearing-in of Marcó del Pont, former head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

The position held by Marcó del Pont in the AFIP will remain in the hands of Carlos Castagneto, close to Kirchnerism, especially Alicia Kirchner (governor of Santa Cruz) and Vice President Cristina Kirchner. Under the tutelage of the eventual “superminister” Massa, the Secretary of Marcó del Pont will fundamentally deal with relations with international credit organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the IDB and the CAF.

Meanwhile, Massa began to confirm his team

In order to “order and take care of public accounts”, the designated minister Massa announced that the economist Raúl Rigo will serve as secretary of the Treasury, a position he had already held during the Martín Guzmán administration. In addition, he appointed Eduardo Setti as Finance Secretary, who will be joined by Leandro Toriano, Natalia Capurso and Celeste Izquierdo on the team.

Massa also sets foot in the Central Bank, appointing Lisandro Cleri as vice president, which can be read as a kind of limit to the head of the monetary authority, Miguel Pesce. Leonardo Madcur, meanwhile, will be the head of Advisors to the Ministry. Likewise, Daniel Marx –former finance secretary of Domingo Cavallo– will integrate the committee for the development of the capital market and follow-up of the public debt.

“Their objective is to strengthen reserves, ensure Treasury financing and promote the development of a national capital market,” Massa said via Twitter. Later, the new minister of the portfolio that unifies the economic areas held a meeting with the vice president and head of the Senate, Cristina Kirchner, in Congress. Cristina herself disclosed the meeting on social networks, as a message of unity.

Finally, the tigress made an announcement again. “With the aim of taking care of the administrative order and transparency in the work of the Ministry, the Legal and Administrative Secretariat will be made up of Dr. Ricardo Casal, Dr. Renata Scafati and Ms. Florencia Jalda,” he announced. Casal was Minister of Justice and Security in the province of Buenos Aires, with Daniel Scioli as governor.

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