“We are beginning a different stage and the Front of All has found a way to continue working togetheris for me a very valuable piece of information”, assured the president Alberto Fernandez in the White Room of Casa Rosada during the inauguration of the new Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Mercedes Marco del Pont. At that very moment, but just a few blocks down Avenida de Mayo, the vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, sat down to have tea with dumplings with the new Economy Minister, Sergio Massa. After an hour of meeting, the official account of the Senate published the photo that many expected and that meant the CFK’s explicit support for the new minister. The two appear smiling, she at one end of a long table and Massa at the other. “They talked about the challenges that Argentina and the Frente de Todos have going forward,” they repeated in tandem to Page 12 from the two terminals of the ruling party, without giving more details of the meeting. That is one of the central agreements and rules that govern the “new stage” that the FdT is going through: that there be no type of filtering of the content of the private meetings that the leaders of the space have held — for a few weeks — of usual way.

“The president of the Senate, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, today received the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, who will take office on Wednesday as the Nation’s Minister of Economy, Production and Agriculture,” the Senate publication limited itself to saying. its protagonists were the two members of the Front of All. The forcefulness of the image It did not require a text containing a special message, they believe from the ruling party. In fact, the vice president never takes photos with the new ministers who enter the cabinet.

That way, just with the photo, the support and endorsement of the vice president to Massa was made explicit. Not as had happened with the former minister of the portfolio, Silvina Batakis, whose support, they consider in Casa Rosada, was “implicit”. Close to the President, hours before the publication of the photo of Massa and CFK, they assured that “we don’t know if the support is going to be explicit or implicit again, but We are certain that Cristina is not going to crash”.

“Before it bothered that the photo is not there, and now the problem is that it does not have a message,” they complained about the vice president when asked why they had decided to publish the image with a text that said that Massa will be the new Minister of Economy. Days before, the President had also published the photo of him with Massa and wrote that “his vision, capacity and experience will allow us to continue working and improving the roadmap that we set out to take Argentina to the place we want and deserve“. On that occasion, the shot was in the president’s office in Quinta de Olivos, both were shown with papers in their hands and, as the plane of the photograph was more closed, the gestures of both faces could be seen in detail They looked much more serious.

The meetings between Massa and CFK, they insist close to the vice president, “are more than usual and do not have to do only with the current context. Both have been exchanging information for a long time.” Those meetings of Massa, are not only with the former president but also with her son, the deputy and leader of the Cámpora, Maximo Kirchner. Both from Balcarce 50, and from the surroundings of the Tigrense, they do not know if either of them (CFK or MK) are going to be present at the inauguration of the new minister. The act will be this Wednesday at 17 in the Bicentennial Museum.

After the act in the Rosada, on Wednesday Massa will give a press conference where he is going to announce new economic measures. It has not yet been defined whether this will be done in the Bicentennial Museum itself or in the Ministry of Economy. For now, Massa limited himself to making the communications that he considered necessary, such as the formation of his team, through his social networks.

There he confirmed that Raul Rigo will be the Secretary of the Treasury; George Domper Undersecretary of Budget and that claudia balestrini It will be in charge of the Undersecretary of Public Revenues. Eduardo Settimeanwhile, will be the Secretary of Finance and they will accompany him in the team, Leandro Toriano, Natalia Capurso and Celeste Izquierdo. He also announced that the vice president of the BCRA will be Lysander Cleri Y Leonardo Madcur the Chief of Advisors to the Ministry. DanielMarx, Lastly, he will be a member of the committee for the development of the capital market and monitoring of public debt. On Tuesday Massa will renounce the presidency of the Chamber and his bench as deputy. In his place, it is almost a fact that he will assume the current vice president of the bloc, Cecilia Moreau (see separate note).

Other modifications in the Executive

From the Executive Power, beyond the announcements that Massa will make on Wednesday, changes continue to be notified. Julian Leunda will be new head of advisers to the Presidencyinstead of John Manuel Olmos –who will now hold the post of deputy cabinet minister–. In addition, from Casa Rosada they confirm almost as a fact that another modification will be that the transport ministry, in charge of the massista, alexis warrior, will become a secretariat within the Ministry of Public Works who drives Gabriel Katopodis. The reason, they explain, is because of “the austerity that is sought in public spending.”

The inauguration of Marcó del Pont and the greeting for Beliz

The inauguration of the new Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, took place this Monday in the White Room of the Casa Rosada. That, moreover, was the first act that the government carried out after Massa’s appointment. Several ministers of the national cabinet were present for the event, such as Martin Soria (Justice); Carla Vizzotti (Health); Alexis Guerrero (Transportation); Jorge Taiana (Defense); Daniel Filmus (Science and Technology); Claudio Moroni (Work); Tristan Bauer (Culture); Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta (Women and Gender) and the spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti. In the first row was one of the general secretaries of the CGT, Hector Daer Y the leader of the truckers, Hugo Moiano, who sat next to the head of the UIA, Daniel Funes from Rioja. Also participating, among others, was the former head of the UOM, Antonio Calo.

All eyes, however, were taken by the former Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, which was embraced with great affection by the officials who were present. She had been recognized by the President in a tweet that she made after his resignation and also by the former Minister of Productive Development, Daniel Scioli. Not so the former Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Belizwho left the government after an argument with Fernández. “I want to thank Gustavo Beliz, who has loyally accompanied me, a man of enormous capacity and impeccable morals. Thank you for the effort these years,” he said.

The President also dedicated a few words of thanks to Marcó del Pont for his work at the head of the AFIP: “Mercedes was very important in a very difficult time and has been the protagonist of different measures that I am proud of”, he expressed. His secretariat, unlike what happened when it was led by Beliz, will no longer be in charge of relations with international organizationsbilateral and multilateral credit, a task that will be part of the Ministry of Massa.

Charles Castagneto, a man close to the vice president, and Marcó del Pont’s replacement at AFIP, was also present: “I am very sure that with Carlos we will continue on the same path, I have a lot of confidence in you,” Fernández told him. When Castagneto left, he said that “CFK asked me to work and work, as we always did.”

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