A doctor's complaint about a man with monkeypox who was traveling near other people on the subway

A doctor’s complaint about a man with monkeypox who was traveling near other people on the subway


The doctor, named Arturo Henriques, unsuccessfully warned the traveler of the contagiousness of his lesions

He travels on the Madrid metro despite being infected with monkeypox

Although human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus is considered limited and is associated with sexual contact, there are other situations that may pose a risk.. Among them, contact with saliva, with respiratory excretions, with the exudate or with the material of one of the characteristic scabs of this infection.

One of those cases of risk that is usually ignored could have occurred a few days ago in the Madrid Metro and was reported publicly by the person who warned about it. His name is Arturo Henriques and he is a doctor. In a series of tweets – which he has now posted privately – he recounts that two weeks ago, on July 15, at 6:20 in the morning, he saw a man get on a subway car at the Legazpi stop ” completely riddled with injuries, from head to toe, including his hands.” He was “at his peak of contagion.”

As this doctor saw that neither the traveler nor the closest people seemed to be aware of the situation, he decided -according to what he relates- to address the patient. “I tell him that the injuries he has all over his body are what are most contagious.” The traveler, continues Arturo Henriques, agreed and gave this explanation: “I have that but my doctor didn’t tell me to stay home, just to wear a mask.”

When this doctor identified himself as such and pointed out “that he possibly did not understand all the indications of his general practitioner”, the traveler questioned told him that “he should not fuck with him”. He did not pay much attention to the woman who was closest to the affected. “How am I going to get sick if I’m not gay?” she told him when she tried to warn him about the risk of contagion.

With a thread on Twitter and with the photo (in which the injuries are seen but the identity of the affected person is not revealed), Arturo Henriques tries to draw attention to the lack of knowledge of the risk among the general population.

The latest data on Spain ensure that in 82.1% of cases the contagion has occurred through close contact in the context of a sexual relationship and in 10.5%, through close non-sexual contact. But specialists warn of the importance of prevent the infection, through the non-sexual route, from spreading throughout the general population and affecting vulnerable groups.

Source: www.elmundo.es

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