War.  One hundred and fifty-eighth day.  Photo.  Fires after shelling in Bakhmut and Nikolaev.  Demining Donetsk.  Sunset over the Dnieper

War. One hundred and fifty-eighth day. Photo. Fires after shelling in Bakhmut and Nikolaev. Demining Donetsk. Sunset over the Dnieper


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July 31 Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reportedthat the Russian side invited experts from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take part in the investigation into the death of prisoners of war in Yelenovka. At the ICRC declaredthat they did not receive notifications of an invitation to an investigation from the Russian side, and the employees of the organization were not allowed into Yelenovka the day before. At the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol happened an explosion that injured six people. The explosive device, according to local authorities, was delivered by a drone. In the city was announced “yellow” level of terrorist threat, festive events in honor of the day of the Navy canceled. In Nikolaev as a result of shelling died the head of the agricultural enterprise “Nibulon”, one of the richest people in Ukraine Oleksiy Vadatursky. In Donetsk on the streets were discovered anti-personnel mines – “petals”: local authorities said that they were dropped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian side has not yet officially commented on this. Meduza shows the main photographs of the 158th day of the war.

Important warning. Every day since the start of the Russian invasion, Meduza’s editors have selected key shots taken during the previous day of the war. These pictures contain scenes of gore, violence and death, but most of them not placed under a special plate, which the editors usually hide such images. In this series of photo stories, we try to document the war as it is.

North of Donbass

A volunteer helps a girl get out of a train carriage that has arrived from Pokrovsk to the Dnieper. On the evening of July 28, Russian troops fired upon railway station in Pokrovsk. Local authorities asked residents of the city “do not put off until the last moment” the evacuation
Smoke over burning fields in Bakhmut. American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) wrotethat Russian troops were concentrating on an offensive towards Bakhmut. The ISW believes that it is unlikely that they will be able to take the well-fortified Bakhmut
The body of a resident of Bakhmut, who died as a result of Russian shelling on July 28, is taken from the square in the city center. Just that day died four people, five more were injured. Head of the Donetsk military administration Pavel Kirilenko declaredthat the Russians used cluster munitions
A man hides his face from the smoke after shelling in Bakhmut. On July 31, Russian troops several times shelled city, shells hit the territory of a local hospital and a residential area. There were no deaths or injuries as a result of these attacks.
EMERCOM workers inspect the remnants of a cluster bomb in Bakhmut. These weapons are prohibited by the International Convention on Cluster Munitions, concluded in May 2008. According to According to Human Rights Watch’s May report, both Russia and Ukraine are using cluster bombs in this war
A warning sign put up by sappers in Donetsk. Specialists are working on demining the city. Residents of Donetsk began to find in the central districts of the city, “petal” mines are small, inconspicuous devices. Because of this, on July 31, traffic in Donetsk was partially stopped. Some cars were blown up by such mines
Sappers of the pro-Russian troops work with the Uran-6 robotic demining complex during an operation to clear anti-personnel mines on the streets of Donetsk

Kharkov region

A Kharkiv resident inspects a fragment of a rocket stuck in the ground after an air strike on the Saltovka district in the north of the city, which is regularly shelled. Last happened on the morning of August 1, two people were injured
Homeless cats hide from the sun near a destroyed high-rise building in Saltovka
Industrial building in Kharkiv damaged by rocket attacks
Firefighters work at the site of a building destroyed by airstrikes in Kharkiv


Elderly resident of Nikolaev
Rescuers inspect an apartment in a building destroyed by airstrikes. Russian troops shelled Nikolaev the last few days. On the night of July 31, one person died and two were injured. Among the dead is businessman Oleksiy Vadatursky, one of the richest people in Ukraine.
Funnel in the courtyard of a residential building in Nikolaev. On the night of August 1 in the city again were heard explosions
A firefighter puts out a fire in a destroyed building


The family looks at the sunset on the banks of the Dnieper

Photos taken on the previous one hundred and fifty-seventh day of the war can be viewed at this link.

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