The importance of Nachos

The importance of Nachos

I’m back from vacation and there are many topics to discuss. However, in this first installment, I want to refer to the death of Ignacio Marván, not from a personal point of view, which naturally causes me great sadness, but from what the loss of a guy like him represents. Nacho was an intelligent and educated man with whom one could debate at ease. He was passionate, but also respectful of his peers. He had, above all, a great sense of humor. His laugh was sticky. I had the enormous privilege of sitting at the same table many times to discuss multiple issues with him, both in private and in public. Of course we had differences. However, they were always pleasant talks where arguments and data came and went.

He knew, like few others, about the Mexican political regime. She had studied it from a historical point of view. However, he was one of those analysts who also knew the animal from the inside. He had been part of Manuel Camacho’s capable and lucid team. He later helped López Obrador. In this way, he knew Mexican politics like few others.

I have no doubts: Nacho Marván was a left liberal democrat. He never believed himself the owner of the absolute truth. He always showed his talent, tolerance and good humor of him.

How that has been lost in these times of polarization and stupidity in political discussion. Today that the exchanges between people with differences are reduced to fallacies and insults in 280 characters. What a privilege to have had the opportunity to have high-level debates, without intellectual pedantry, with people like Nacho Marván.

I only saw him lose his composure once in my life. And the moment is also very significant in our public life. It was in 2006, after that presidential election that Calderón beat López Obrador by a hair. Nacho, as a representative of the López Obrador campaign, had participated in the vote count in a state and was convinced of the alleged fraud that AMLO had been spreading since the Sunday of the election.

I was always more skeptical of the existence of the alleged fraud. He demanded evidence, evidence that was never presented. In those days, I participated in a television program with Nacho about the election hosted by Héctor Aguilar Camín. Things heated up. Marván, very upset, lost patience. At the end of the program, he got up very angry, yelled at us and left like a hurricane.

I mention this moment because of the wound that this election left in the public life of the country. There began a division that has sharpened over time. We were never the same. Even a guy as respectful and friendly as Nacho had lost the equanimity that characterized him. Then, of course, we went back to being as friendly as ever and continued to share discussion tables.

2006 left people on the left like Nacho very hurt. For this reason, I remember with joy his emotion when López Obrador finally won the Presidency in 2018. “I did not think I would see this day,” he said, if I remember correctly, in front of the television cameras with a lump in his throat.

However, with the intelligence that characterized him, Nacho never fell into the fanaticism of Lopez. Yes, he defended this government, but he did not idolize it. He could see and recognize some of his mistakes. This allowed us to continue debating, yes with passion, but also with arguments and evidence, just as we had been doing since the days of Fox.

How difficult it is today to sit down in the same room to debate people who think differently. I am very concerned about how the ability to hear opposing views is being lost. At present, everything is reduced to shouts and hats of uneducated clowns who try to attract attention by spitting insults at the one in front.

Still a few years ago, even after the 2006 split, you could organize tables with opponents who listened to each other, and even joked with each other. I remember, for example, debates I organized on the radio with Nacho himself representing the left, Enrique Jackson representing the PRI, and Juan Ignacio Zavala representing the PAN. It was a treat. Who would have thought that these types of exercises would become increasingly difficult to coordinate.

It’s a shame. If it was possible before, it was thanks to the Nachos that existed throughout the Mexican political spectrum. Brilliant, cultured, tolerant people with a sense of humor who exchanged their ideas without airs of smugness. Unfortunately, some of them are dying like my dear Nacho Marván. How we are missing them.

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