Vicky Krieps and Tim Roth play a couple of directors in 'Bergman's Island'.

The best movies that have been released in July (2022): from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ to ‘Men’

After reviewing the best series that July has left us, the time has come to choose the highlights of the cinematographic offer of recent weeks. Streaming platforms have welcomed the premiere of the unseen agentan action and espionage movie that aspires to be the beginning of a long franchise on Netflix, and The perfect manan original German romantic comedy with touches of science fiction that landed on Prime Video after its triumphant debut at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival. The latest premiere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the new works by authors as acclaimed as Mia Hansen-Løve (Bergmann’s Island) and Alex Garland (Menu).

‘Bergman’s Island’ (Movie theaters)

Vicky Krieps and Tim Roth play a couple of directors in ‘Bergman’s Island’.

Bergmann’s Island is the most personal film in Mia Hansen-Løve’s career. The director of Future Y Eden went to Sweden to shoot an original romantic drama that works at the same time as a tribute to the filmography of the great director of the seventh sealas an exercise in therapy freely inspired by her late marriage to director Olivier Assayas, and as a reflection on the fascinating relationship between artists and inspiration.

The love story of two couples (two film directors played by Tim Roth and Vicky Krieps and two former lovers played by Mia Wasikowska and Anders Danielsen Lie) allow the French woman to create a melancholy meta-narrative story that goes beyond the cinephile experiment to create a seductive story about the origins and consequences of creativity.

• Interview: Mia Hansen-Løve: “For a long time cinema was something sacred, but that’s over”

‘The Perfect Man’ (Amazon Prime Video)

Scene from 'The Perfect Man'.

Scene from ‘The Perfect Man’.

Maren Eggert took home the Silver Bear for her performance as a cynical scientist who finds love in a most unexpected place in The perfect mana title that refers to the robot played by Dan Stevens (the cousin Matthew of downton abbey) with a flawless and surprising German accent. The director and screenwriter Maria Schrader radically changes the third after the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox with a charismatic film that works both romantically and in its existential reflection.

Prime Video premiered directly without going through theaters this comedy loosely based on the short story by Emma Braslavsky. The perfect man It was nominated last winter for the Goya for best European film and has already received four awards from the German Film Academy: best film, direction, screenplay and leading actress. Recommended, above all, for those who say that the romantic comedy is a genre in danger of extinction.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ (Movie theaters)

Jane Foster has powers in her return to Marvel with 'Thor.  Love and Thunder'.

Jane Foster has powers in her return to Marvel with ‘Thor. Love and Thunder’.

Taika Waititi is a repeat offender filmmaker and in his cocktail shaker for his second Thor film we find a potential recipe for disaster. In less than two hours, the director of JojoRabbit has to deal with the trauma of a Thor marked by a series of disappointments, Jane Foster’s cancer, the reunion of a couple with pending accounts and the kidnapping of the children of Asgard by a villain obsessed with ending the life of the gods of the entire universe.

Surprisingly, love and thunder comes out mostly successful with a film that knows how to make people laugh when they intend to (the recurring joke about the goats or the hilarious appearance of a couple of Hollywood stars) and move when it focuses on a character, Jane Foster, who had passed without sorrow or glory in the previous movies. It is too obvious that Waititi is the first fan of his work, but after the unhinged Thor: Ragnarök, this time he does have reason to be happy. Just a few years ago no one would have bet that, after four solo adventures, we would still be interested in seeing the Norse god in the movies.

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‘The invisible agent’ (Netflix and Movie theaters)

Ryan Gosling is 'The Invisible Agent'.

Ryan Gosling is ‘The Invisible Agent’.


After the success of Red alertthe platform repeats a similar formula with the unseen agent: an exorbitant budget, a triangle of charismatic stars, a global scale, a taste of action movie of the 90s and an introduction story that can serve to build a popular franchise around it. The results of the return to the action cinema of the Russo brothers (architects of the end of the saga avengers) after his failed experiment with Cherry they are as fast-paced as they are impersonal, although the formula has the potential for Sierra Six to become the Jason Bourne of Netflix.

the unseen agent It is a very entertaining adventure that suffers from formulaic in its script. The tape works best when it focuses on one action (with the prologue in Bangkok and the destructive set-piece set in Prague in the lead) that It is a step forward with the camera for directors who in their four Marvel films always moved better in tone, humor and emotion than in the staging of their abundant action sequences.

The star vehicle in the service of Ryan Gosling cannot compete in sophistication and craftsmanship with the sequels of John Wick, Top Gun Y Mission Impossiblebut it’s an improvement over the vast majority of Netflix’s forays into the genre.

• Review: ‘The invisible agent’, Netflix finds its own Bourne with an entertaining thriller on a global scale

‘Men’ (Movie theaters)

'Men', the latest film by Alex Garland.

‘Men’, the latest film by Alex Garland.

Atmospheric, disturbing and provocative, Menu sometimes it seems as simple in its speech as its title. His thesis explores the toxic masculinity that has dominated the personal and institutional spheres of society generation after generation. And as we watch its more everyday portrayals on screen, we are confronted with a constant dichotomy in which we can describe the film as literal and ambiguous, basic and profound, misogynistic and misandrical.

His latest film leaves no one indifferent and inevitably forces us to think about it at the end. It is not ephemeral and that is always appreciated. Whether you like the set or not, there are scenes that you will have a hard time erasing from your retinas, either because they are evocative (the beautiful creation of echoing harmonies in the tunnel) or disturbing. Menu It is one of the most anticipated films of the year and the experience of seeing it on the big screen does not disappoint. It is made to be enjoyed in movie theaters. (Valentina Morillo)

• Criticism: ‘Men’, misogyny is the source from which the allegorical terror of Alex Garland’s new film emanates

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