Poster of the Ministry of Equality against fatphobia.

Sian, model affected by the cartel of fatphobia: "I feel rage, I tremble and I am very angry"

The controversy surrounding the summer campaign of the Ministry of Equality against fatphobia continues. Last Wednesday, the department led by Irene Montero launched through its social networks the poster of a new campaign that bets on a summer “without stereotypes and without aesthetic violence”. Under the slogan “Summer is also ours”, the campaign shows through an illustration of different women enjoying the beach in bikini and claiming the diversity of bodies. However, what Equality did not expect was that the cartel would become The big controversy of the week.

On this occasion, the criticism has come after the complaints of the women who appear in the illustration and who They claim to have been victims of a “theft” of their images without consent. The first to denounce the situation was the ‘curvy’ influencer Nyome Nicholas-Williams that, as he explained to EL ESPAÑOL, the Ministry should have asked to use his image and even paid him for it. In fact, the British model confirmed that her representation agency had already contacted the ministry to get paid.

However, when the controversy seemed to have stopped there, appeared sian lord, another of those affected. This British model also denounced on social networks that she was one of the women who appeared in the illustration and assured that the Ministry of Equality had not asked for permission to use her photograph either. In addition, to the “theft” of the image are added the changes that have been made to your body. In the original photo, the model appears with his prosthetic leg, erased in the announcement of the Ministry of Equality. They also took care of modifying an armpit to which they added hair where there was none.

Poster of the Ministry of Equality against fatphobia.

Ministry of Equality

She is Sian Green-Lord, a 32-year-old British model who did not hesitate to use their social networks to join the complaints of the women who appeared in the campaign. “I don’t even know how to explain the amount of anger I feel right now. One of my friends has just informed me that the Spanish government has used my body, but he has removed my prosthetic leg. It is one thing to use my image without my permission, but another to edit my body.” explained the young woman in social networks.

After the support received both by users of social networks and by colleagues from the world of Instagram and modeling, Sian continued denouncing the situation through a direct in which He claimed to be “trembling”. “I’m literally shaking, I’m so angry (…). I don’t even know what to say, but it’s more than bad.” he added.

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Her story dates back to 2013. The young woman was in New York when she suffered an accident in which her leg had to be amputated. The model was hit by a taxi that went over a curb while on vacation.

Others affected

To the models Nyome and Sian, two more women also join the war against the Ministry of Equality: Raissa Galvao and Juliet Fitzpatrick. The first of them, a Brazilian influencer, also denounced on social networks that she had been a victim of the use of her images without consent. Nevertheless, He has not yet started the procedures so that Equality pays him for his photographs.

yes it will Juliet FitzPatrick, a woman with a double mastectomy who has criticized the Women’s Institute for using her face and superimposing her face on that of a woman with only one breast. She became the fourth to denounce, although five with the images copied. “I don’t have breasts and I’m not happy if my face has been put on a body with one. And furious if the image has been used without consent.”

equality responds

This Saturday, the Women’s Institute, dependent on the department led by Irene Montero, wanted to apologize after the controversy of the cartel against fatphobia. Regarding the poster Summer is ours too we want to clarify that At no time were we aware that they were real models. We are solving with the author and we are going to contact the models to resolve this issue. We apologize for the damage caused,” they posted on social media.

Apologies to which he also joined the company in charge of the illustration: ‘Arte Mapache’. “After the justified controversy surrounding the image rights of the illustration, I have considered that the best way to alleviate the damage that may have arisen from my conduct is distribute the benefits derived from this work equally among the protagonists of the poster and buying the typography license”, he pointed out.

From the company they have wanted to emphasize that the amount that has been spread these days about the price of the cartel is false. I made this poster for a cost of €4,490. It is false that he has received €84,000.

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