Guide and advice to buy a pressurizing bottle so that your tennis and paddle balls last much longer

Guide and advice to buy a pressurizing bottle so that your tennis and paddle balls last much longer

It will have happened to all those who have ever played paddle tennis that they have some balls in their bag that hardly bounce because they have lost air. This can be solved thanks to a ball pressurizer, a device that we are going to talk about next so that you have all the information.

If you are a fan of paddle tennis, surely one of the things you first look at before starting to play is that the balls that are given to you on the court or the ones that you carry bounce perfectly.

It can happen that when you leave them in the bag for several days, they end up losing air. Even if they are fine at first, to play three or four games, from then on, it becomes difficult to continue with the same more balls.

Whenever we buy new balls, they are pressurized and after playing several games they lose internal pressure and as a consequence they bounce worse, ending up spending more money and buying more cans of balls, which is sometimes a significant financial outlay.

As usual, a game cannot be played with balls that are not one hundred percent, since it becomes really annoying. There is a big difference between playing with some balls that we have just opened to others that have already had several games behind them.

To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended to use a Ball Pressurizer, also known as a Ball Pressure Boat.

This type of device can increase the useful life of the balls up to 6 times, which will mean not only much more comfort, but also substantial and important economic savings.

Taking advantage of this type of device will allow us to enjoy our favorite sport much more, since one of the parts that can always have the most disagreement, how are the balls, will be fully operational for much longer.

Now we are going to know how these types of devices work, in addition to knowing their advantages and the main ones on the market.

What is a Ball Pressurizer?

A padel or tennis ball pressurizer is a boat with which, thanks to its technology and materials, withstands the pressure of the balls that are inside.

In the vast majority of the time, what a ball pressurizer does is maintain the pressure of these, but not recharge them.

The best option when it comes to Ball Jars is to acquire those that have the ability to introduce pressure inside the balls in order to increase its useful life and improve its performance.

They are devices that are usually manufactured in polycarbonate and plasticsince they must guarantee that they withstand the pressure of the balls inside them.

Most ball pressurizers are made up of:

  • The glass container of the balls.
  • A lid with a gasket that guarantees that the closure is totally hermetic, which causes all the pressure inside to be protected.
  • A security valve to maintain guaranteed maximum protection at all times.
  • In many cases they also have a pressure gauge on the lidwhich helps us to accurately measure the pressure of the boat.
  • And in some other model it also includes a pump to introduce pressure needed on the balls.

The offer of drones is wide and if you want to buy one you must know some technical aspects and current legislation that we summarize in this report.

What are its advantages?

Buying a Ball Pressurizer entails several advantages that all those who love paddle tennis or tennis can take advantage of.

These advantages are mainly:

  • Saving money: One of the advantages is the economic savings that having a device of this type means, especially if we opt for a model that is capable of filling the pressure of the balls. The fact of not having to go around buying new cans of balls every time they lose pressure and are not able to bounce, represents a considerable saving. Keep in mind that when a new can of balls is requested on the court, you usually pay between 1.25 and 2 euros for each one.
  • Maintenance: even if you have a ball pressure bottle that is not capable of regularizing the ones inside, only being able to keep the ones we have fully operational for longer, it is totally positive for us.
  • Environment: With this type of system we will also be helping the environment, since we will not have to manufacture so many plastic boats and create so many paddle or tennis balls. If it were generalized throughout the world, the impact would be extremely positive.
  • injuries: Another of the things that a Ball Pressurized favors is that, thanks to the state of the balls at full capacity or close, we are going to protect ourselves from injuries that could be caused by the malfunction of the balls.

The best ball pressurizers

There are currently 3 brands of Pressure Boats for balls, which are clearly above the others. We are talking about Ball Rescuer, TuboPlus and above all, Pascal Box.

The ball pressurizer Ball Rescuer is possibly the one best value for money has from the market.

It can hold Head Padel Pro and Pro S balls, Head Padel, Head Championship (3 and 4 balls), Dunlop Team Padel, Dunlop Pro Tour 4 balls, Slazenger Club Padel, Penn Coach, Siux Match and Match Pro, Víbora, as well as Softee Padel, so we are talking about a device extremely versatile.

Have a pressure indicatorit is transparent to see the state of the balls and can have a optional inflation system which is not the one that works best, but it does serve to extend the life of the balls.

The best known and most famous ball pressurizer is Pascal Boxnot in vain is the considered the best by the vast majority of users.

Have a indicator that reflects the internal pressurea security valve to remove excess air and another with which apply air injection to the balls. It is the most effective of all in this sense, which will cause the life of the balls that we use to play paddle tennis or tennis to be much longer.

It also incorporates a hand pump to control the inner pressure by ourselves. Obviously, it has a higher price than the rest.

We also have the option of TuboPlus, a depression bottle for balls, which is able to extend the life of these four or 5 timessince it is capable of compressing with a pressure of up to 16 psi.

With everything you have just read, you already have all the necessary information if you want to acquire a Ball Pressurizer so that your paddle or tennis balls last longer.

According to various studies, it has been concluded that the pressurized balls mean that, when they are used again, even weeks later, they remain in excellent condition, almost as if it were the first time they had been opened.

For this reason, if you are a regular at playing paddle tennis, this product will interest you a lot.


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