New electoral law adopted by the CNT: The broken dream of PM Choguel Kokalla Maïga

Governance and upcoming elections: When calls to dismiss the PM are counterproductive

By regularly calling for the dismissal of the transitional Prime Minister, for some of his positions, sections of the political class could produce the opposite effect. The disruptive governance advocated by the transitional power is certainly resistant to any pressure whatsoever to achieve certain political or political objectives.

Indeed, for several months, political actors have been sporadically demanding the resignation of the head of government, for some of his positions. This is the case, last week, with parties like ADEMA-PASJ and others, which stepped up to castigate certain remarks by the Prime Minister of “rectification”. It is in this sense that the stay of Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga at the prime minister’s office is disputed for having said during a meeting that his political friends from the M5-RFP must mobilize to conquer power and prevent the old political class from take over the reins of the country.

A priori, everyone knows that the current head of government is a political leader, whose political formation is the MPR or the Tiger Party. And, the vocation of a political party is to conquer and exercise power. And, since Choguel Kokalla Maïga fought tooth and nail to bring down the IBK regime, it is understandable that he aims to keep his political friends in the hands of power. These having become the natural allies of the putschists of August 18, 2020, it is difficult to imagine that they want to play spectators during the next elections.

However, at the head of these putschists is a certain Colonel Assimi Goïta, who will legitimately want the country to be governed differently from now on. He must tell himself that this ambition cannot materialize if the next elections do not see the emergence of a new political class.

This conviction will therefore be strongly reinforced by the commitment of the Prime Minister of the Transition, Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga. Like what the PM will only have expressed loudly what the head of the Transition would think quietly.

In addition, by asking for the resignation of the Premier as pressure, the Head of State will take offense at being dictated by political chapels. Even if he planned to change Prime Minister in order to breathe new life into the conduct of the country’s affairs, the only requests from political parties going in the direction will dissuade him. At least for a time. Until these anti-PM diatribes wear off.

This is what leads one to wonder if it is Choguel himself, a fine political strategist, who maneuvers to arouse his cries of disapproval against him. Since the tenant of the prime minister finally has an interest in seeing these denials grow to see him ejected from the head of government. Doesn’t he arouse comments making people believe that he is the only protective fuse of the head of state against neocolonial tendencies on social networks? Circles close to the PM do not distill, in public opinion, ideas that the transition would fail if the head of state separates from Choguel Kokalla Maïga?

This context of politicking must inspire the political class to convince themselves that their calls to dismiss the current head of government are necessarily counterproductive. She must therefore change her strategy, even if she wants to see a non-partisan PM at the head of the government. The latter being likely to better ensure the credibility of the next elections. Because a head of government who appears with an obvious bias for the upcoming elections certainly does not reassure potential competitors in the electoral game.

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