lousy july in the car sales in Spain. in the past month a total of 73,378 units were registered in Spainwhich means a 12.5% ​​drop compared to the same month last year, according to registration data from the General Directorate of Traffic and Anfac, the association of automobile manufacturers.

Likewise, this figure is the second worst record in a month of July since 1989, for 33 years. The worst data so far it is still the month of July 2012 with 65,325 units.

Furthermore, if we compare it with the historical series, we have to sales this month have been almost 40% lower than with the average of the historical series for this month which is around 120,000 units.

As for the accumulated, between the months of January and July a total of 481,550 cars have been registered in Spain, which represents a fall of 11% compared to last year.

If we compare it with the historical series we are facing the fourth worst year since 1989 in car sales. Worse data has only been recorded in 2012 (471,396), 2013 (461,386) and 2020 (457,785 units).

by channels, The one that falls the most is that of rental companies, with 38.9% in July, with 11,013 registered cars; and 47% in the accumulated (with 70,048 cars). This drop shows that manufacturers have decided to have fewer cars to sell, allocate them to the most profitable channels.

Thus, the business channel has grown by 2.7% to 31,035 registered cars. Although individuals have also fallen by 12.1% with 31,330 units.

Toyota, leader in the month of July

by brands, Toyota has established itself as the leader of the monthwith a total of 6,446 registered cars, which represents a market share of 8.8%.

The second position is for hyundaiwith 5,914 units, which brings it up to 8.1% market share.

And third place goes to KIAwith 5,653 units, which represents a 7.7% market share.

No. BRAND Sales July 2022 Share Variation
1 Toyota 6458 8.8% 1.1%
two hyundai 5917 8.1% 7.1%
3 KIA 5654 7.7% -12.5%
4 Volkswagen 5520 7.5% -19.6%
5 peugeot 4788 6.5% -12.6%
6 Dacia 4598 6.3% 17.5%
7 seats 4023 5.5% -50.1%
8 citroen 3760 5.1% -20.1%
9 Renault 3709 5.0% -3.9%
10 Opel 3553 4.8% -19.5%

Toyota also leads the accumulated

In the accumulated of the year, Toyota remains the manufacturer with the highest number of saleswith a total of 43,634 units, which represents a 9.3% increase.

The second place is for Volkswagen, with 36,738 units (-14.9%) and the third place is for Kia with 36,466 units, with a rise of 9.8%.

Hyundai occupies fourth place with 36,136 units, 16.7% more and Peugeot registers 35,807 units, which represents a decrease of 15.4%.

No. BRAND Cumulative sales 2022 Share Variation
1 Toyota 43,634 9.1% 9.3%
two Volkswagen 36,738 7.6% -14.9%
3 KIA 36,466 7.6% 9.7%
4 hyundai 36,136 7.5% 16.7%
5 peugeot 35,807 7.4% -15.4%
6 seats 34,194 7.1% -31.7%
7 citroen 25,148 5.2% -18.2%
8 Renault 24,774 5.1% -21.6%
9 Dacia 22,341 4.6% 13%
10 Mercedes 20,401 4.2% -7.3%

Electric vehicles account for 2.8% of sales

In relation to fuels, the electric ones do not end up having a great demand. In the last month of July the registration of electric cars accounted for 2.8% of the market share. and in the toaccumulated for the year they have 16,412 registered cars, which represents a 3.4% market share.

As for plug-ins, in July PHEV car registrations were 4.9%. In the accumulated plug-ins have a share of 5.69%, with a total of 27,416 units.

In relation to the hybrids, in July they achieved a 27.3% share and in the accumulated figure for the year they already have 135,342 units, which represents a share of 28%. Finally, gasoline will occupy 46.4% and diesel will drop to 16.8%. LPG and CNG cars close the list with a share of 1.7%.

First signs of inflation

The Director of Communication and Marketing of Anfac, Félix García, pointed out that the bad economic situation, which already affected the purchase decision of users, has worsened with the rise in inflation and energy.

“These factors are causing users to delay their acquisition or opt for a second-hand vehicle. The latter is especially significant, since until July almost the same units of cars over 15 years old as new vehicles have been sold. “, he explained.

On his side, Faconauto’s Director of Communications, Raúl Morales, stressed that July was “one of the best months of the year” for the sector, since families planned the purchase of a new car before the holidays and the vehicle rental companies reinforced their fleets for the summer campaign.

In addition, Tania Puche, Director of Communication at Ganvam, in line with Morales’ statements, stressed that you have to go to 2012 to see a month of July with a lower volume of registrations“which brings us back to figures of the economic crisis of that time”.

Source: Elespanol

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