A group of wayward Peronists endorsed by Larreta and Diego Santili unleashed anger in the ritondismo (Photo Facebook Florencia Casamiquela)

A group of Peronists allied to Larreta heated up the internal PRO

Who commanded the Peronist rock in Together?

The call to the event was led by the leader Florence Casamiquelformer candidate for senator of Florence Randazzo and who had a fleeting passage through the government of Albert Fernandez, as a member of the team of advisers to the Minister of Tourism Matthias Lammens.

Other promoters were the Lomenses William Vinuales Y Paul Paladin (former coordinator of the program Fútbol para Todos) and Marian Saint Peter of Admiral Brown.

The former Governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, one of the speakers who most irritated ritondismo for some previous statements. In them, he equated the “failure” of managing Alberto Fernandez with the passage through the government of Mauricio Macri. He accused them of being trapped in “the logic of confrontation.”


A group of wayward Peronists endorsed by Larreta and Diego Santili unleashed anger in the ritondismo (Photo Facebook Florencia Casamiquela)

Some of the presences of PRO leaders include Martiniano Molina (Quilmes), Paul Alanis (Florence Varela), Ezekiel Pazos (Jose C. Paz) and Lucas Delfino (Civil Government official and founder of “La Territorial”.

The anger of ritondism: “They represent the worst of politics”

Led by Christian Ritondo, sectors of the hard wing of the PRO questioned the yellow endorsement of the brand new Peronist space. “Referents linked to the worst of the FDT, who represent the worst of politics, come to criticize the only government that fought against the mafias and managed with the future of Argentines in mind,” warned the former Buenos Aires Security Minister.

Not with Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal” launched Ritondo, who considered that the country’s problems are not going to be solved with those who generated it and deepen it.


In the same direction, the Vidalista deputy expressed John Carrarawho sentenced: “Not one centimeter of space for opportunists and speculators in Together for Change”.


Another PRO leader from Cristian Ritondo’s entourage confided to Infocielo that there is strong anger among his ranks: “We complain about the Recycling Front and they end up doing the same” he complained, referring to some of the Peronist leaders that make up the rock. “They are different political constructions. Not everything is the same” she synthesized.

The defense of the organizers and referents of La Territorial

In the face of questions, Florence Casamiquel He assured on social networks that the members of the Peronist rock “we do not militate against anyone. We Peronists are suffering from the colossal failure of those who have the PJ franchise. We join a space from our identity and our history” she warned.

“We launched a Peña as a meeting place. There we do not criticize anyone, but we do affirm that we come out of the current crisis looking forward and not backwards. Working on the coincidences, and not on the differences” he added.

Lastly, he complained about those who “are more papist than the Pope” (referring to Cristian Ritondo). “They see reality from a vulgar binarism that tires. She regretted the unfounded anger (read on networks). As Martin Fierro says, it is not for the bad of anyone but for the good of everyone. The country needs us more united than ever” he added.


William Vinuales He also rejected the criticism: “I joined Together for Change because I am convinced that it is what the Argentines and Argentina need to get out of this mess that Kirchnerism is making and not to criticize any reference in our space “ he cut short and was willing to “add from a superior space”.

Some of the Pro leaders who attended the dinner also responded to the criticism. “During the entire meeting there was a strong position against the policies of Kirchnerism. We are together and united, upholding the values ​​that Together for Change represents, and even if some want to divide us, they will not succeed” he replied.


In that direction, he was in favor of building a proposal that surpasses Kirchnerism: “That is our challenge from JxC. Summoning other spaces, defending our values ​​and consolidating a proposal for development and transformation” he observed.


The attempt to increase the political volume of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Y Diego Santilli in the Province it became like a boomerang within the PRO. The need to expand the base because “with the votes of 2019 it is not enough” that some of its owners consider, collided with the ideological and political limits that some of the yellow sectors are willing to tolerate. The race for 2023 will show, in a few months, whether pragmatism or veto power prevails “as not everything is the same”.

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