Paow's revenge against the ex: "Said there were drugs there"

Paow’s revenge against the ex: “Said there were drugs there”

The reality star Paulina “Paow” Danielssons love life has been turbulent to say the least in recent months.

It was in June that things ended between Paow and the ex-boyfriend Alexander Zobel, after just over a year of relationship. The couple had a disagreement when Alexander went to a wedding in Denmark, to which Paow was not invited because she spoke badly about the country, according to her.

After that, Alexander is said to have ended the relationship over the phone, after four days of silence. Here you can read more about Paow’s breakup from Alexander Zobel.

This is Paow’s new flirtation in Rhodes

But Paow doesn’t seem to have mourned that ending for too long. Shortly after the breakup, Paow went to Rhodes on a party trip.

Once at the party, she frequently appeared in pictures with the bartender Alexander Wallengren, who works at Pepe’s Bodega. In pictures on Instagram, they really seem to appreciate each other’s company, in a more than friendly way.

Whether the romance has continued to blossom at home remains to be seen.

Paow: “I wasn’t very nice…”

After the adventures abroad, Paow is back home in Sweden – and is now visiting the friend and influencer Josefin Ottossons Youtube channel.

In the new clip, the friends play a game they call “Answer or Swallow,” which means they have to answer followers’ questions about their personal lives or take a shot of vodka. And with hindsight, those conditions really seem to make the profiles open up and offer both one and another yummy detail.

Photo: Youtube/Josefin Ottosson

A question Josefin reads aloud reads: “What is the worst thing you have done to an ex?”, whereupon Paow immediately bursts into laughter and exclaims:

– Oh!

– I was not so kind to my ex, she tells the viewers.

Paow about the ex: “He slept with one of my best girlfriends”

Paow goes on to tell us about the guy she wasn’t her friendliest self towards.

– I dumped him and he wanted me back.

But Paow didn’t think her ex was particularly kind to her either:

– Then he slept with one of my best girl friends – who I thought was my friend at the time – and then he didn’t invite me to his New Year’s party.

Paow believes that it was a rude move by the ex-boyfriend not to invite her to the party, because they had the same social circle and were friends with the same people. But Paow didn’t dwell on the exclusion for very long, instead choosing to take revenge…

Paow’s revenge against the ex: “Said there were drugs there”

Since an invitation was not forthcoming, Paow decided to put the wheels in motion for the ex-boyfriend’s New Year’s party:

– I called the police there, so I shut down the party before twelve, laughs Paow.

But what did she say then that caused the police to end the fun? Well, Paow explains that further in the clip:

– I called and said there were drugs there.

The story does not tell which ex that Paow chose to take revenge on, but she believes that it is an ex that “no one remembers” nowadays. So it seems that in any case it does not apply to her latest ex Alexander Zobel, who was also the one who chose to end the relationship between him and the reality star.

Source: Then24

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