By trying to solve a health problem, you can make drastic decisions, although not entirely beneficial, as was verified by a young woman who decided to lie down mouthwash on the ear to try to kill one cockroach that entered your cavity, what happened? We tell you.

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went through TikTok that the young nadia (@nadia.limzq) documented her curious and unpleasant experience of having to go to the emergency room after a cockroach got into his ear. In her video, Nadia showed how her review went and at the end she assured: “Everything is fine, luck is not on my side.”


i almost fainted when the doctor pulled out the severed body of the cockroach with it’s feelers out of my ear #tiktoksg

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After that first video, the young woman published another reproduction detailing what happened a little more. She mentioned that she was in her bed sleeping but woke up from her when she felt a cockroach near her ear, so she decided to hit her hard trying to make her get out of her bed; nevertheless, the blow caused the insect to get into his ear.

“I got up and screamed really loud. It was disgustingly awkward because I could feel it moving in my ear.”

After trying to get the cockroach out with her hands, and not being able, Nadia went to the bathroom, took the bottle of mouthwash and poured it over his eartrying to drown the animal, which he achieved, because the bug stopped moving, although his hearing was not good.

Seeking to end the situation, Nadia used tweezers and, although she was able to remove some of the remains of the cockroach, some pieces remained inside, so she had to go to emergencies and undergo a painful extraction process for 30 minutes.

“At this point, I honestly don’t think mouthwash is safe for the ear, but I didn’t know what else to do,” said the young woman who now has a rather unusual story to tell.


Replying to @megan.syi i’ve been having that sg-wide congested flu so don’t mind me- but yes storytime 🙂 it gets worse #tiktoksg

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