You are currently viewing Pedro Sánchez puts himself in the hands of his old adversaries in the PSOE due to the lack of a bench

Pedro Sanchez will launch this Saturday at the PSOE Federal Committee a stage that is supposed to end with the 2023 electoral cycle, first in the municipal and regional elections, and then at the end of the year in the general elections.

This is how it will be unless you make changes again in a few months in the same way that you now make failed federal congress in octoberbecause it rectifies everything that he then decided.

Now he has created a team in which he mixes government and party, with a reduced and compact operating nucleus. You can afford it because you don’t have the slightest internal resistance.

Even Philip Gonzalez He had it at the time, despite being President of the Government with almost hegemonic absolute majorities. Then there were currents such as guerrillas, renovators, Socialist Left… and leaders with their own critical positions such as Alfonso Guerra or Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra, among others.

Today Sánchez can do and undo as, in fact, he does. He can even recover those who were part of the teams he defeated in the primaries in 2014 and 2017. All of them are now faithful to the President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE and some have been recovered after abandoning politics or dedicating themselves to their community or municipality.

[Sánchez mezcla Gobierno y PSOE en un nuevo organigrama de cara a las urnas]

One of the characteristics of this group that he has created is not only the culmination of the process of eliminating the “sherpas” or collaborators who helped him win primaries and reach Moncloa, but also that he has finally supported those who then confronted him. within the party.

Today there are many more former adversaries in these internal processes in his environment than collaborators from that stage in the opposition and on the road to Moncloa. In fact, there is only Santos CerdanParty Organization Secretary, who has won the battle he has been waging for months with Adriana Lastra. Margaret Oaks she continues as a minister, but she is not in his narrowest circle.

Those close to the Prime Minister and socialist leader assure that it is a test of integration, that it is a way to close the circle and eliminate wounds. Also to present a strong team with communication skills, compared to a PP with a veteran leader who sells management. Others understand that there is an excessive Sánchez’s rush to “devour” collaborators and that does not reward fidelity in the worst moments.

There is also another objective characteristic and that is that there is no generational change nor are the changes used to promote new values ​​or future leaders. An objective fact is that none of the general secretaries of the Socialist Youth has subsequently reached a position of relevance in the party.

There were some new values ​​in the Federal Executive, but this body is in fact rendered meaningless by creating the new management committee with only nine members.

For example, just nine months ago he appointed spokesman in Congress for Hector Gomez, young value that he wanted to promote, and now he is replaced by patxi lopez despite the fact that in this time there has been no dysfunction in the Parliamentary Group and it has not lost votes.

López supposes a generational leap backwards, the trajectory of who has been lehendakari and president of Congress is rewarded. He is the current PSOE deputy with a more relevant institutional career.

López confronted Sánchez already susana diaz in the 2017 primaries. Sánchez seeks his good image among the militancy, but in those primaries he only had 9.86% of the votes of the affiliates, compared to 50.20% for Sánchez and 39.94% for Susana Díaz .

The debate between the three candidates in which López snapped at the now Prime Minister is remembered from those primaries: “Let’s see, Pedro, do you know what a nation is?”. Sánchez lost that part of the debate.

With Pillar Joy Something similar happens, because twice he has been part of the teams that have faced Sánchez in those primaries. The new PSOE spokesperson She accompanied Eduardo Madina in 2014 to deliver the signatures of his candidacy and in 2017 she was the spokesperson for Susana Díaz in the primaries. Sánchez recovered her from the local politics of Zaragoza to appoint her Government delegate in 2020 and a year later Minister of Education.

Maria Jesus Montero new number two of the PSOE, she only joined Sánchez’s team when he arrived at Moncloa in 2018 as Minister of Finance. Before it was Counselor of the Government of Susana Díaz and he was considered to be part of the team of the then president of Andalusia. So much so that it was said that if Díaz won the primaries against Sánchez, Montero could be his substitute.

In addition, in the stormy days of 2016 that ended with the dismissal of Sánchez in a Federal Committee, the new number two of the PSOE was the one who presented in 2017 the letter of the Ethics Commission that it would admit as “party’s highest authority to Veronica Perez.

The new team also carries the return to the headquarters of Ferraz de Oscar Lopeznow Sánchez’s chief of staff in Moncloa, and from now on integrated into the new PSOE management commission.

Lopez, along with Anthony Hernando, began his career with Pedro Sánchez in the shadow of José Blanco. He was Secretary of Organization between 2012 and 2014, still with Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba as Secretary General.

He accompanied Sánchez in the 2014 primaries and was his spokesman in the Senate, until the two distanced themselves and he abandoned politics. In 2018 he appointed him president of Paradores and a year ago he recovered him as chief of staff to replace Ivan Round.

Something similar, although with a more traumatic breakup, happened with Antonio Hernando until less than a year ago they rebuilt relations, he named him number two in his Cabinet and he is part of his closest team.

A year ago, Sánchez also added to his team Francesc Valles as Secretary of State for Communication. Vallés was a PSC deputy and coincided in Congress with Sánchez as ordinary parliamentarians.

In 2014, Vallés supported Madina and was even his “representative” in Catalonia during the campaign. He then left politics and Sánchez recovered him a year ago to incorporate him into his closest circle.

He is in that circle as government spokesman, Elizabeth Rodriguez. She has also been incorporated into the new committee created in the PSOE with only nine members. She coincided with Sánchez in Congress when they were both common deputies, in times of Zapatero and Rubalcaba. He was also a Susanista and served as a spokesperson for the candidacy that faced Sánchez in 2019.

Then she was mayor of Puertollano between 2019 and 2021, until Sánchez, surprisingly, also recovered her for the Government and for the relevant position of spokesperson.

With this team, Sánchez wants a unique and powerful voice, admitting that the change a year ago that took the government and the party out of José Luis Ábalos and Carmen Calvo It has not worked for him, and with the pressing objective of turning around the unfavorable polls.

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