These TikTok tricks will help you in hot weather.  A few home products are enough

These TikTok tricks will help you in hot weather. A few home products are enough

High temperatures can be a very troublesome aspect of summer. Almost everyone is looking for ways to cool themselves and their home in hot weather. Poland is not a country where air conditioners are common, so we are looking for simple solutions to reduce the temperature. Check out the TikTok tricks to help you survive the heat.

Are you one of the people for whom the heat is a torture for the mind and body? It’s hard to focus on anything when the temperature outside is breaking new records and there hasn’t been a drop of rain for days. The weather does not spoil us, unless we spend the heat on a paradise beach, by a local reservoir or in a shady park. We spend a large part of the summer in our own apartment, especially when we work remotely. It is not always possible to run away from high temperatures.

How do you deal with the heat that becomes unbearable within four walls? We have some tips for you from tictock videos. You don’t need air conditioning to cool your apartment!

Tricks to survive the heat at home

Social media users are eager to share best practices for hot weather. One of the tiktokers shared a list of some of the most important rules that help him withstand high temperatures. Here are his methods and a few others that you may already know, but always worth remembering.

  • Close the windows and balcony. This prevents hot air from entering the interior of the apartment.
  • During the day cover the windows and only reveal them at night. As a result, the room heats up less.
  • Take advantage of the Egyptian way to deal with the heat. Hang wet sheets in your apartment to keep the apartment cool.

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  • Spray water onto the carpet surface. According to the tiktoker, this will work just like it does with wet sheets.
  • Use a fan. This is a small expense that can be beneficial in hot weather.
  • Drink a lot of water. This is the basis for the body to stay properly cooled. Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Don’t take naps. If you want to sleep better at night, don’t do it during the day.
  • Rub the body with ice. According to the tiktoker, ice packs can quickly cool down our body.
  • Sleep under the sheet itself. Additionally, you can put them in the freezer before going to bed.

A new way. Bottle and fan

Most of us use the fan in the summer. However, when the air in the apartment is warm, even it does not help for long. This method from TikTok cleverly uses this device.

You need a plastic water bottle. It should be as large as possible, but small enough for you to be able or able to put in the freezer. Place the frozen water bottle in front of the running fan. You will create a cool breeze that will blow your body.

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