Olympia Coral Meloactivist and promoter of the Olympia Lawassured that the case of Coahuila, where a man denounced his ex-wife for digital violence, is a precedent but asked not to forget the re-victimization and inequality against women when they denounce these crimes.

In an interview with SDPnoticias, Olimpia Coral explained her position regarding the case of Diego Esteban, a man who denounced his ex-wife, Yessica “N”, for violation of sexual intimacy because he spread her intimate photos.

The foregoing after the activist shared a tweet on social networks where she asked to recognize the structural differences in inequality and access to justice when a man is the victim, and when it is a woman.

“Make it clear that the case of Dr. Diego in Coahuila is progress. Any person who obtains justice for a law that he applies to men and women, is to be recognized ”.

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Olimpia said that the advances in the case of Coahuila, where Yessica “N” was linked to a process for the crime of violation of sexual intimacy, are a watershed and a precedent for the fight against the Olimpia Law.

But he recalled that for almost 10 years that they began to demand the recognition of this law, the response was negative from society and that no man agreed with the fight. Even to date, they continue to receive messages for the work they do against digital violence.

The activist Olimpia Coral Melo highlighted that the conditions of structural inequality for men and women are not the same, including the conditions for mediating cases on the Olympia Law.

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“This case of Coahuila is an issue that they are commenting on with phrases like ‘you see that it applies to women’ or ‘own goal for feminists’, they are too sexist and misogynistic because it was not understood that from the beginning, this law benefits women. everybody”.

The crime of violation of sexual intimacy can happen to men and women, Olimpia said, however, the hypersexualization of bodies is different, as well as the revictimization that a woman receives when she denounceswith comments like: “Why did you open your legs?” “Why did you send photos?”

Olimpia recalled that access to justice is patriarchal and thus not only refers to State justice, but also to social justice.

“It will always be different when a woman denounces and it is important to put the conditions of social, political and economic inequality on the table, it will always have different connotations when the victims are women”, the activist said.

$! Case of Diego in Coahuila is progress, but inequality against women should not be forgotten: Olimpia Coral Melo

Olimpia Coral called for justice to be prompt and expeditious for all victims, in particular, for those who report sexual violence, whether men or women..

In this sense, she said that she and her companions have handled around 90 cases of digital violence throughout the country and only one victim, after more than a year of proceedings, has received a conviction.

She also said she was outraged by the digital harassment she received after the publication of her tweet and that her comment was misrepresented. because the case of Coahuila is a precedent, but she considers it necessary to highlight that when a woman fights, it is a benefit for the whole society.

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