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Updated Friday, July 15, 2022 –

The least loved Chris of the new ‘star system’ takes up the tradition of the 90’s thug cinema but without grace.

Chris Pratt, in ‘The Final List’.
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Much is written lately about the image of Chris Pratt. It doesn’t go down well. We checked it out a couple of years ago, when screenwriter Amy Berg proposed a fun and innocent (not for Pratt) Twitter poll. Berg asked which of the four Chrises (Hemsworth, Pine, Evans, and Pratt) from top-grossing Hollywood we would take out of the group. “One has to go”, was the text that accompanied the four photos. The consultation, candid and humorous, got out of hand. The tweet went viral and responses, quoting Pratt, some very rude and rude, flooded the web. That ultra-conservative and ultra-Catholic aura that he questions from time to time did not help the actor. But he questions her little, because their media exposure is highly controlled. Chris Pratt is an unlikely and awkward star. If not, what would a clearly underpromoted series on Prime Video have now? Of the final list two things have emerged above all: the gigantic salary that Pratt has received for it (one and a half million dollars per episode) and its terrible critical reception. the final list it is bad, yes, but above all it is old. That Antoine Fuqua directs his first episode already gives us clues in this regard: Fuqua is the great vindicator of the cinema of cakes, shots and thumps inconsequential and well, ahem, executed. That, in television version, is exactly the final list.

Based on the book by Jack Carr, the series is a story of revenge, with a soldier determined to discover and, ahem, execute, those who led his squad to doom. That soldier is, obviously, Chris Pratt, who is trying to get rid of the image that made him a superstar: that of the funny chubby who is no longer chubby but is still funny. Like the Bruce Willis of the 90s, but with the charisma of a child’s doll. Like Jason Statham, but with fake muscles.

Pratt rubs elbows in the final list with splendid and wasted actresses like Riley Keough and Constance Wu, both always with clear orders not to upstage the protagonist. There is also the efficient Jeanne Tripplehorn out there, in a character that seems like a transplant directly from any other similar series, and a couple of names that could be Chris Pratt if Chris Pratt had not chosen the right projects and the right gym at the time. To see in the final list to Jai Courtney and Taylor Kitsch reminds us how capricious Hollywood is giving opportunities and taking away careers. Would Kitsch take Pratt’s current place if John Carter Wouldn’t it have been the failure that it was? Would Courtney be an action star if Divergent would have arrived before The Hunger Games? We will never know.

What we do know is the money that has been pocketed for starring the final list who overtook them on the right. «That funny fat guy» Now half the planet continues to dislike him, but the other media pays admission for his films. Will they pay the subscription to Prime Video to see their mediocre series? We will never know.


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