Once again, Oskar Lafontaine has spoken out loudly on social media. In doing so, he only says what many think: the current massive economic crisis is homemade, and the anti-Russian sanctions are its fire accelerator.

He can’t help it and, as so often, hits the nail on the head: On Monday, former SPD and left-wing chairman Oskar Lafontaine spoke up on social media. He initially criticized the anti-Russian sanctions and the resulting impoverishment of broad sections of the population in Germany:

“I can no longer hear the whining from Steinmeier, Scholz and others about the social upheavals that will arise if the price of gas triples. If only from countries like the USA, Saudi Arabia or Qatar and Russia, to which international law violations wars, can obtain energy, then you should give preference to the supplier who has the best and cheapest goods. That is Russia. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the German economy is also closely intertwined with Russia when it comes to many other necessary raw materials and spare parts. “

He also asks how it is possible that German politicians and media representatives dance to Washington’s tune:

“It cannot be repeated often enough: if you cut ties with a country because of human rights abuses, then you cannot trade with the US, which is responsible for most of the human rights abuses in the world.

It was really embarrassing to watch Biden at the press conference with Scholz in Washington make it abundantly clear to him who decides whether the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline will go into operation or not.

When will there be a Chancellor who will have the courage to tell Washington this far and no further. Where does this German addiction to submission come from when you see how German journalists and politicians behave towards Washington?”

His demands are therefore clear:

“If you think about your own population, there is only one solution: open Nord Stream 2 to prevent the worst.”

Then there is a small historical digression regarding the inglorious role of the US governments in this millennium, which Lafontaine holds largely responsible for the current situation:

“De Gaulle still knew that states have interests, not friends. Just as the Americans have been trying for 100 years to prevent German technology from merging with Russian raw materials (George Friedman), the federal government should finally see that the sanctions are not aimed at Russia and harm the USA, but primarily Germany and Europe.
The federal government and the German media can no longer deny what the renowned US economist Jeffrey Sachs recently wrote to them: ‘The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project by the American neoconservative movement (Neocons). The same neoconservatives who campaigned for the US wars in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011) and Libya (2011) and who supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are in the Biden government have provoked.'”

Finally, Lafontaine made an urgent appeal to those responsible in Berlin:

“If you’ve made a big mistake, you have to have the courage to correct it. No federal government has the right to make millions of Germans poorer and ruin the German economy.”

more on the subjectGermany expert Kamkin in an RT interview: Germany is a “vassal state” in the service of a “rogue state”

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Source: RT

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