From the hopeful apocalypse of Miyazaki to the satire that could happen tomorrow of ‘The Purge’, going through the symbolic and disturbing ‘The hole’. The futures presented to us by the three films this week are not exactly the most promising, but at least we can indulge in these great pieces of adventure, horror and suspense and take comfort in the inevitable.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Although the Studio Ghibli movies are all wonderful, they never dive into the purest science fiction. But when they flirt with the genre, they introduce very refreshing fantasy and adventure elements to it. In fact, ‘Nausicaä’ is not from Ghibli, but the last one directed by Miyazaki before founding it, but his style is so much from the company that it is unofficially considered part of it. With a delicious eighties aesthetic, it takes us to a post-apocalyptic world of giant insects where humans move with steampunk inventions.

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The hole

It was one of the great surprises of 2020 on the platform, and the truth is that it has not lost an iota of strength. His splendid metaphor about the class struggle has not aged and, with a pandemic in between, it can even be said that his ideas about how we do not exactly come out of extreme situations have been reinforced. The idea of ​​people fighting over the scraps of food left by those on the higher level is an incredible metaphor that almost seems like an anti-meritocratic dart. That’s how combative and sharp is this Spanish jewel that swept Sitges

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The Purge. The night of the beasts

The saga ‘The Purge’ has been evolving at its own pace with deliveries that ranged from allegorical reflection on the cuts in freedoms to pure action proposals that seemed like ‘The Punisher’ comics. The first installment flirts with the then fashionable style of the home invasionbut its openly critical background is there, as is its very powerful starting point: in the near future, one night a year all crimes are forgiven, which makes the most well-off people take refuge in houses that are authentic strengths.


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