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A good solution for this summer and the heat it is going to be, can be to buy an air cooler, a very effective device against high temperatures, but cheaper than an air conditioner. Let’s see the keys to acquire the best choice.

It is clear that each year it seems that the heat is getting further ahead and that is why we must have something to help us carry it as well as possible.

What we can acquire will depend a lot on our economy, not only for buying the device that allows us to cool a room, but also the fact of maintaining it for the consumption it may have.

One of the most effective products and where the price does not skyrocket, neither the purchase price nor the light when connecting it, is the air cooler.

It does not cool as much as an air conditioner, but it does cool much more than a fan, so in that sense, we have good news.

In terms of consumption, it also wins, since it requires less electricity to work than any air conditioner, whether portable or fixed.

For these virtues is why we have decided to show you how you can do to acquire the best air cooler for you and your needs, within the number of different models that are currently on the market.

What is an air cooler?

When we talk about an air cooler we refer to a device that is capable of cooling the air thanks to its evaporation system in which the tank water that it carries becomes water vapor that is blown by the fan together with the air itself, causing the room to reduce its temperature.

Obviously, it is convenient that the water is cold, since this way it will be able to make us pass less heat more quickly.

For that many of them carry cold bags that are placed in the freezer and used when we are going to use the device, right inside the water tank, in order to lower the temperature of the liquid as much as possible.

Types of air coolers

There are three types of air coolers currently on the market, although if what we are looking for is that they are not excessively expensive, as we have already mentioned, two of them will cost us considerably.

These types are the following:

  • portable cooler: It is a portable device that we can take anywhere and that is more than capable of cooling a room quite reliably. They are the cheapest of all types and the ones that are sold the most by far. They are also known as portable air conditioners.
  • window refrigerator: This type of cooler is an alternative, more sweet and with less consumption to fixed air conditioners. It cannot be moved from place to place, so it will always be in the same room. They are mounted on both horizontal and vertical windows. They are quite a bit more expensive than portable coolers.
  • Industrial Cooler: They are efficient solutions in terms of energy to keep a large place, such as a work area, cool. They are the most expensive of all, since they are designed at an industrial level and not privately.

Thinking of buying a penguin? We tell you how to choose a portable air conditioner so you can forget about being hot this summer.

What to look for when buying an air cooler

As you may have understood, what we are going to do is focus on the so-called portable coolers, which are those that are used at a private level and those that can be obtained for a very good price.

To buy the one that best suits us, we must take into account a series of parameters and options that they must comply with or that we must at least know, so that we can decide whether or not we want a device like the one we see.

If we have all the bases of what is truly important, it will be much easier to choose the right one.

Room size

We agree that being portable we can take it from one place to another, that is, from one room to another in the house.

But it is also true that it would be nice to know if will be able to with the largest room that our house has, which is usually the living room. If we have an air cooler that can handle the living room, it will be able to be taken to other rooms, because it will not have any problem lowering the temperature in them.

It is very simple to calculate what cooler we need for our living room, since we only have to make two simple accounts.

  • The first is to know the volume of the room, so we must multiply the length, width and height (Length x Width x Height).
  • The second is just as easy, we must multiply the previous result by 20 and those will be the cubic meters per hour that our cooler will need for said stay.

LIVINGTON ChillTower Air-Cooler for 99.90 euros

evaporative filters

Evaporative filters are extremely important, since they are going to be the ones that mark the cooling of the water.

These filters are they absorb water and allow air coming out of the cooler to flow through them so that it cools down.

The two best types of filters are chip or cellulose material.

  • Chip filters: They are made of wood chips and synthetic fiber. They are the cheapest, they need a fairly high maintenance and they last less time.
  • Cellulose cooling filters: it has the shape of a honeycomb, they are thicker, in addition to the fact that the maintenance is quite less and the life is longer than the previous ones. The problem is that they are more expensive, but more efficient.

Orbegozo Air 52 for 147 euros


It is evident that consumption is something that we must take into account and more so with the prices that electricity has right now.

They are usually very efficient devicesbut among all there are some who consume less, so we must be attentive to this fact.

Cecotec EnergySilence PureTech 6500 for 169.99 euros

Water tank

The capacity of the deposit will also be in accordance with the time that we will be able to use it continuously, since all the manufacturers affirm that do not use it if there is no water in the tank, since it can damage the system.

The portable coolers come with 5 to 15 liter water reservoirsthe wall ones usually go to 20-30 liters, while in the industrial ones the volume of water is almost always approximately 120 liters.

De’longhi EV250.BK for 199 euros


Generally, there are two types of fans: centrifugal or those of axial type.

The former are drum-shaped and are quieteralthough cthey consume more energy. On the other hand, the axial type do more noisebut consume less energy, plus they are cheaper.

Klarstein 80 W for 219.99 euros

Other details

We can also look at other details that may also be interesting, but that may be more of a choice for the person who buys the device.

These parameters are:

  • We can see if you have various speeds of use, although there are people who have more than enough with one.
  • There are those that you can put a garden hose and thus does not need the water tank.
  • There are models that bring a water gaugewhich serves to know, at a first glance, if there is liquid left in the tank.
  • The wheels it is another part that may be essential for some users, but not for others.
  • Another thing that many air coolers have is a remote control to control it remotely and not have to get up to start it. There are also for connect with smartphone.

With everything that we have told you will already have all the necessary information to know which air cooler is the ideal one for you, your home and your economy.

You can tell us which one you bought on our social networks, we want to know your opinion and tastes.

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