Córdoba: the 10-year-old boy who had choked on a lollipop at school died

The 10-year-old boy, who had been hospitalized for two days in intensive care in a “critical and reserved” state for having choked on a lollipop at school, died this Friday, as confirmed by the authorities of the Private Hospital of Córdoba.

Joseph Reviglinodirector of the Cordovan health center, reported in the afternoon that “Unfortunately, the Baptist child has just passed away.. We ask for the greatest discretion at this very difficult time for the entire family.”

The incident occurred last Wednesday afternoon in the courtyard of the Colegio Fasta Villa Eucarística, where tripped while playing with classmates during recess and swallowed the candy stick.

Although the first maneuvers were carried out to extract the object in the same educational institution, he was transferred in the first instance to the Ferreyra Hospital, for later referral to the Private Hospital.

The lollipop obstructed his airways, causing him to suffocate at that time, a situation that caused the minor two cardiorespiratory arrests.

Before the confirmation of death, Bautista was in “pediatric intensive care, with mechanical ventilation, under analgesic sedation, with medication to sustain his vital signs.”

At the same time, he had to have a tracheostomy so he could breathe again and there they would have removed the candy.

What to do if a person chokes?

A choking in adults it usually occurs at the time of eating, and in the case of children, it can happen by swallowing any other object, so it is important to avoid giving them hard and small foods, such as nuts or other foods that contain bone bones. little size.

“At such times, the lack of oxygen causes the person’s color to turn blue or purple, so we must act with speed and calm“, suggested the doctor Angela Nakab, medical specialist in parenting and head of pediatrics at the Pedro de Elizalde General Children’s Hospital. “This happens quickly and unexpectedly, so the first step is always to call an emergency number“, continued the specialist.

“In these cases it should be tried as a first measure that the person coughsand if this does not work, they must be hit on the backbetween the two shoulder blades, with the assisted person standing and with the thorax tilted forward”, Nakab specified.

In the case of a baby, he added that “if he splutters or coughs, it means that air is passing through his throat. Probably, he has a partial obstruction. There you have to let the baby cough naturally.”

Three recommendations to assist a baby during choking

  1. Put the baby face down stretched out on the forearm and pat him firmly in the center of the back with the other hand (slap should be hard and clean).
  2. If this doesn’t work, with two fingers forcefully compress the baby’s chest inwards and slightly upwards, on the sternum, in the center of the chest.
  3. Again, do up to five of these maneuvers, and if necessary, turn the baby over and pat him again.

Three recommendations to assist a child during choking

  1. In this case you should give pats on the back, making him lean forward, support him with one hand in the center of the chest and hit him hard in the center of the back, with the palm of your hand. They have to be firm hits. If the first blow fails to dislodge the object, do it again, always checking after each blow to see if the obstruction has been removed.
  2. If this does not work, you should proceed to perform the abdominal compression which consists of embracing the child from behind with both arms. Then grab the thumb with your hand and close it in the form of a fist, resting the fist with the thumb on the abdomen, at a point halfway between the navel and the end of the sternum. Put your other hand on top and press hard up and in.
  3. If the obstruction continues, the compression maneuver can be repeated up to five times. If none of this works, doctors suggest repeating the previous five slaps.

Three recommendations to assist an adult during choking

  1. Sit the person in a chair and stand behind him, with your body level with his.
  2. Hug the person from behind and under their arms and put one of your hands in a closed fist four fingers above the navel of the person who is drowning, in the midline of the stomach.
  3. Then you should place the other hand on the fist and put pressure with your fist on your abdomen, backward. Repeat this movement up to 5 times.

Recommendation for those who choke being alone

  1. Grab a chair and stand behind it. Lean forward until your abdomen rests on the backrest (between the navel and the sternum), press very hard on the backrest so that the stuck object or food comes out.

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