Enough already, President! Journalists are being killed. And it is proven that the protest marches have not given results. Neither do the seedlings. Less with approaching the Government and that it invariably promises that the crime will not go unpunished. And the worst, believe him. That the official spiel that murderers will be punished is an insult. Already, many of us helplessly see that nothing that we journalists in the country have done to date manages to put a stop to the constant attacks against communicators. President López Obrador’s speech that daily disqualifies journalists, businessmen, critical politicians, women who demand security and an end to femicides, and now even attacks priests calling them “hypocrites”, is undoubtedly one of the factors that provoke this unrestrained violence that threatens to destroy everything good that the country has. Whether López Obrador likes it or not, his example is followed by many Mexicans. His attitudes are assumed by many Mexicans. Violence is not just physical aggression. Violence, and sometimes more serious, is what comes out of the mouth. Expressions and attitudes stir up the atmosphere in the country. The Government affirms that there are not 12 but 10 journalists murdered for their work as communicators. Y? They do not want to realize that even being less, it is an aggression that has been presented and threatens to continue sheltered by impunity. When the Jesuit fathers and the Catholic Church in Mexico tell López Obrador to review his security strategy. They are not asking him, as he says, for violence to respond with violence. That “they kill them hot… Later you find out.” No, Mr. President! The only thing that Mexicans demand is that the law be applied. Nothing more. In Tamaulipas they assassinated fellow journalist Antonio de la Cruz. In the attack they injured one of his daughters, who died hours later. Yesterday, in Puerto Vallarta, the journalist Susana Carreño, director of Radio Universidad, in Guadalajara, was violently attacked. She was in serious condition last night. What are you waiting for, Mr. President, to apply the law? And as the country’s priests say, it’s time to review his security strategy. And we would add, change their violent discourse, disqualifying everyone and inadvertently encouraging (so I want to believe) violence against us journalists.

the lukewarm with which the Internal Control Body (OIC) is operating in Mazatlan and the attorney general arouse suspicion in everyone. The councilors are on the front line to demand results. That the head of the OIC, Rafael Padilla, stop simulating with audits. That the trustee attorney, Claudia Magdalena Cárdenas, really assume her responsibility to monitor and defend public money. The irregularities and excesses committed daily by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez have already surpassed those who have tried to hide it. It is vox populi the inclinations of the “Chemist”, of his preference to travel and enjoy the party. It is time for the councilors to assume their role as “Government” and make decisions to make transparent what is happening in the municipality. Who is silent, grants, and becomes an accomplice.

Environment to the murder of the journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, the Prosecutor’s Office is balls. And they only add to mistrust. Almost a month now, and nothing.

Source: Debate

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