Sony Inzone M9, analysis and opinion of the hybrid monitor for PS5 and PC

Sony Inzone M9, analysis and opinion of the hybrid monitor for PS5 and PC

It seems that Sony is going to bet heavily on PC games and, in addition to launching some of its compatible titles, this summer it is thrown into the pool with hardware for hybrid PC and PS5 environments.

And it is that, Japanese company has just announced a new family of headphones for PC and PS5 (we have already analyzed the top of the range, the Inzone H9) and also two monitors to enjoy both on your console and on the computer.

After a week playing hard on his most advanced monitor, I tell you my opinion of this Inzone M9 with 4K, 144 Hz and most importantly: two HDMI 2.1 for your brand new current generation consoles.

Inzone M9
Resolution 4K at 144Hz
Backlight Full Array LEDs in a 27″ panel
latency 1 ms
HDR DisplayHDR 600
PS5 Ready Yes
Auto WVM Switch Yes
Lightning yes, 13 colors
ports 2x HDMI 2.1 | Display Port 1.4 | USB-C | USB-B | 3x USB-A | 3.5mm jack
Speakers 2x2W
Price €1,099

Sections of the analysis of the Sony Inzone M9:

A unique base and lines that match PS5

The first thing I have to tell you is that you don’t need a PS5 to take advantage of the monitor, but it is clear that Sony wants to maintain an identity in its hardware.

Both in the Inzone H9 and in this Inzone M9 we find some design lines that match perfectly with what we see on PS5. Thus, it maintains that white plastic with a rough texture that we see on the console (but without the texture of the console buttons printed on the plastic) and black parts that contrast with that white.

Wow, like the console itself. In terms of design, I like it, although it is clear that when looking at it from the front, what you are going to have is the panel and the rear design is going to give you a bit of the same. However, what you are sure to notice is the support.

It is a tripod type support that is something different from what we usually have on monitors where, normally, we have two front legs and one back. Here it is the other way around and we have the large leg in the central front part and two support legs on the sides, but in the rear area.

It is an arm that is not vertical, but has a slight inclination. Sony told us in the presentation that it is so that you can put your keyboard and mouse on the sides of the monitor, as some esports professionals do, but hey, each one is a world and it is something that does not affect me.

What I do like is that in that arm we have a hydraulic system that allows us to raise the monitor vertically, as well as a system to tilt the screen. It has VESA 100 x 100 support, so you can use other supportslike a wall monitor, and what I miss in this monitor is that the screen can be rotated.

I think that, costing 1,100 euros, it is something that the user expects to find, but well, if you do not move from the setup on the horizontal axis, it is a problem that you will not have.

On the back we have a passive dissipation bar and also 16-color lighting on that bar. If you have the monitor attached to a wall, it will generate some interesting effect, but do not expect a system like the Philips Ambilight, since we are not dealing with something like that.

What I like is the control mode of the monitor options. You should already know that Sony is very on its ball in some ways and, although it has almost futuristic things, there are also details that are from the past. We have seen that recently in the Xperia 1 IV, but in the case of this monitor… there is nothing to worry about.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because at the presentation I was waiting throughout the session for a photo that would confirm my fears: a button-based monitor control mode, or even a horrible touch bar. Nevertheless, we have the system that has been made with the current standard: a joystick.

In addition to the button to turn on the monitor, we have the joystick that allows us to control different aspects of the monitor, raise and lower the volume in a simple way (it has two speakers that, well, they work, but I recommend a separate sound system).

And interestingly enough, the menus on this Sony are not as complicated as those on their cameras, and are actually pretty standard. You have different gaming technologies, image and language settings options and all in all I have no complaints with this item.

And yes, I consider it to be a “beautiful” monitor, especially because of that central leg that has the motif of a PS5.

Two HDMI 2.1 ports and a complete hub for your desktop or laptop

Before we get into the panel experience, let’s talk a little bit about ports. It is curious, but in some of the Sony televisions that are prepared for PS5 (the XH90 that we analyzed in its day), users have had to wait for software updates to be able to use HDMI 2.1 in full.

On this monitor, however, not only do we have a lot of ports, but they have the latest technology. To begin with, we have two HDMI 2.1, which makes this model one of the few monitors that, simply by having this port, is 100% ready for the current generation of consoles.

It has VRR and G-Sync and, in addition to HDMI, we have a DisplayPort 1.4 full size to connect a PC and take advantage of 4K resolution at 144 Hz in case our GPU does not support the HDMI 2.1 standard.

In the inputs to play, the monitor is served, but we also have a USB-B, three USB-A, headphone jack and a USB-C. This is a very interesting port because it allows us to connect a device to have a video signal, but also to give it charging power. A laptop, for example.

You will be able to use the monitor, if you configure it for that purpose, as a hub, since you can connect two computers, or a computer and a console, and control both devices with the keyboard and mouse connected directly to the monitor.

In other words, without having to change the connection of the peripherals, you will be able to control the two connected devices.

Some of the latest monitor technology and many firmware options

Anyway, let’s talk a little about the panel and the gaming experience, since it is a monitor that is especially focused on that task.

The first thing is that the panel of this M9 is totally different from that of the M3 not only in resolution and refreshment, but in color treatment and, above all, in backlighting.

In the M9 that we have analyzed we have a full array backlightsomething that we have seen in many televisions throughout our analyzes and that is an obvious advantage over a more standard backlight system.

This allows the bright areas to be brighter and more controlled, but it also allows the dark areas to be… well, darker, and in the end, the contrast of the image is richer and better for all types of content. .

At the brightness level, it seems to me that it more than meets the is DisplayHDR 600 certified, which allows us to see HDR content on our PC and console. It’s not as bright a monitor as some TVs, but you know that monitors lag far behind a TV in this regard.

The panel has 4K resolution in 16:9 format and has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. You will be able to take advantage of this with your PC through both HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4, but you will also be able to have a very good experience with your Xbox Series X or PS5 console.

And yes, obviously the marketing of the monitor is going to be focused on PS5, but you will be able to take advantage of all the image advantages of this monitor on your Xbox Series X. And, in the end, to play it seems to me to be a very good monitor thanks to the quality of the colors, the good viewing angles and how sharp the game looks at all times.

27″ is a bit small depending on the user and the distance from the desk, but for many others it is the ideal size for, above all, competitive first-person shooters. In this sense, by firmware you have some aids such as pointers or the black equalizer technology that raises the shadows somewhat, but it is not something that I have used, really.

And, in addition, you have automatisms that help choose the best HDR at all times when we have the PS5 connected.

You already know that it is something that you can configure manually in each game and on the screen itself, but I think that the system works quite well automatically, at least in the games that I have tried such as Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank a dimension apart or Horizon Forbidden West.

I have not had a problem with bleeding on the sides., but in my unit I have had a small problem in the form of light “escaping” at a specific point on the screen, where the backlight matrix can be seen. This will be a problem with my unit, which can happen, and is noticeable when there is dark content on the screen.

If I’m honest, you forget about it after playing for a while, but if it was a unit of its own, I would have asked for a change of monitor.

Very comfortable if you have a MacBook for day to day, photo or video editing

It is clear that, due to technical characteristics, this monitor is specially designed for gaming, but it also seems ideal for work. Due to colors and resolution, on a desktop you are going to play great, but I think that the ideal companion is a laptop that has USB-C charging and data.

I have been using it with my MacBook Pro M1 and with a single USB-C I can send sound and video to the screen, but the monitor, in turn, powers the laptop. I can close the screen perfectly… already working.

By having USB-B, you can use the monitor as if it were a HUB for up to two computers, but, as I say, what I liked the most is that, with the monitor on the desk, I come home, I connect the laptop simply with the USB-C cable and I already have both signal and charge.

And well, On a day to day basis I have been editing video and photo, having a very good experience in this field. It is not the best monitor for this, since the DCI-P3 coverage is 95% and, surely, a more professional calibration, but at a professional “multitasking” level, as is my profile, it works great.

You will be able to edit photos perfectly both for the colors it handles and for the 4K resolution and you will also be able to edit video without any problem. Of course, I miss it being something bigger, 32″ or so, but this is a very personal opinion.

It’s expensive for a 27″, but they have details that make the difference

We have reached the end of the analysis of the Sony Inzone M9 and, despite some things that have not seemed so round to me, the truth is that I have really enjoyed playing and working this week with the monitor.

I think that the fundamental thing, which is the image quality, is very well resolved thanks to a color that does not stick to being very vivid as standard, which gives us room to customize it in the settings and, in addition, the 4K panel at 144 Hz with Full Array it shines both watching Blu-ray movies and when, above all, playing games.

I think it’s a very good current generation hybrid monitor for a desktop where you have your gaming PC, your PS5 or Xbox Series X and also want to work. I like the design, I like the tripod and the USB-C connection with charging for the laptop has delighted me.

Now, I think there are little things to improve such as the inclusion of courtesy wiring (I understand that not an HDMI 2.1, since that comes with PS5, but a USB-C or a DisplayPort 1.4, please, Sony) or the reduction of the size of the power supply, which is huge.

And yes, it’s expensive. 1,100 euros for a 27″ monitor, but it is the price to pay, currently, for a monitor with these characteristics and HDMI 2.1 connection.

The Sony Inzone M9 is a 4K 144Hz monitor that features Full Array LED backlighting and DisplayHDR 600.

To give you an idea, Asus is one of those that has also made a strong commitment to this technology and its ROG Swift PG32UQ is also priced at about 1,000 euros right now with features very similar to the Inzone M9 and 32″.

So, it is clear that if you want HDMI 2.1 in a monitor, you have to pay for it, but in the end the “news” is that Sony enters PC gaming hardware and, at least with this first step, the direction is the right one.

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