Sony Inzone H9, analysis and opinion of the WH1000 XM5 type headset for PS5 and PC

Sony Inzone H9, analysis and opinion of the WH1000 XM5 type headset for PS5 and PC

For some time now, gamers have been seeing that Sony is betting more and more on the PC. What began with the launch of titles like Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War on PC seems to be evolving and Sony wants PC to be its playing field as well.

For this reason, in addition to preparing launches as powerful as Spider-Man for August 12, the Japanese company has just introduced new hardware to play on compatible games. It is two monitors and three headphones and the good thing is that we have been testing the two top-of-the-range models for a week.

Here you can read the analysis of the Inzone M9, but if you are looking for a headset for PC and PS5, keep reading because let’s go with the review of the Sony Inzone H9.

Inzone H9
Connection 2.4GHz USB Wireless
spatial sound Yes
pad material Soft lift leather
Active noise cancellation Yes
battery life 32 hours
LED lighting Yes
Price 300 euros

Sections of the analysis of the Sony Inzone H9:

Matching design with PS5 and with comfort by flag

Let’s start talking about the design and yes, the Inzone H9 are quite large headphonesbut they are lighter than they seem with its 327 grams (yes, they weigh, but really in person you expect them to weigh even more) and, in addition, something that has surprised me is the comfort.

They have the same pads as the WH1000 XM5 and these pick up the ear very well. I wear glasses and they don’t squeeze me as they are quite soft, so that’s a big plus point, but the thing that worried me the most was the headband pad.

And it is that, except on rare occasions, when I spend time with her it usually bothers me. In fact, I have the Sony WH1000 XM3s and after an hour or so I have to reposition them so that my head doesn’t “itch”.

Here I have come to have a whole morning and a whole afternoon (first working with background music and then playing) and the truth is that it has not bothered me at any time. I don’t know how they will stand the test of time, but in this first week the experience has been very good.

But hey, if we continue with the design, they are made of plastic and it seems to me a plastic… correct, similar to that used in the PS5, with which it shares many design lines.

It doesn’t seem like a very premium plastic to me, but it’s not cheap either, so… fine. In the right earphone we have a volume control wheel that has a toothed system so that we know when we change the level, as well as the USB-C charging and the switch between noise cancellation modes, normal mode and ambient.

Also, we have the microphone, which cannot be decoupled, but we can go up and down. If we raise it and hear a ‘click’, the mic mutes and, lowering it, it activates. It’s comfortable, but I would have preferred a button system.

On the right earpiece we have the power button, the Bluetooth button and a chat or game button that allows us to regulate the volume independently for online sessions in which we use the microphone.

I lack a headphone jack for certain occasions (because it always comes in handy) and on the outside of each headphone we have a microphone, which is the one that is responsible for collecting external sound to perform active cancellation.

I like the design a lot, I think it is in tune with the identity of PlayStation 5 and that of the M9 and M3 monitors and the truth is that it is very comfortable, but it is also huge and I would have loved it if the microphone could be separated.

Spatial audio on PC and active noise cancellation to put you in the game

Oh well, Let’s go to the high point of the analysis of these Sony Inzone H9. When we talk about gaming headphones, we usually think of a very cinematic sound, which translates into strong bass with mids and highs that are there, but succumb to the bass.

However, as we go up the category in this type of headphones, although the bass is still present in an important way, we gain in treble and medium. This is what, in my opinion, happens in this model.

It doesn’t matter what sound profile you’re on, I think it has quite a predominant bass. However, the highs and mids have convinced me on a day-to-day basis beyond in front of the console with the controller in hand.

Watching a series or movie, the dialogues are clear and listening to music (a little bit of Muse, the always permanent Lofi Hip Hop Radio at the time of work or the soundtrack of Kimetsu no Yaiba) I have also been very comfortable with these headphones.

Although, obviously, when you play is when you most appreciate the sound capabilities of the model. On PC it’s a real show when the software is compatible and we activate the spatial audio mode.

There are titles that shine much brighter thanks to this sound that surrounds us and on console, on PS5, supports 3D audio which also shines in games like Returnal, for example.

As there is no physical connection, all the connection goes through the wireless one, which, in this case, translates into a 2.4 GHz USB. The connection is instantaneous and very stable, even with a couple of rooms in between if, for example , you are on the PC listening to music and you go to the kitchen to make a coffee.

You connect the skewer to the console or PC… and that’s it, you just need to make sure the switch is in the right spot. Supposedly, the headphones have Bluetooth, but I have not been able to pair them with any device, not even PS5.

And about latency, thanks to the 2.4 GHz connection, I think it is mitigated quite a bit. On a day-to-day basis I have not felt latency, but to verify it in a more “scientific” way, among all the quotes in the world, I have used this video and, honestly, I do not notice any delay.

Regarding the microphone, I have already told you that it mutes by raising it and waiting for the ‘click’, but if what you want to know is the quality with which it picks up your voice, here is an example:


There is some micro-cutting when you have auto gain control mode on, but honestly I think you’ll be heard pretty well.

In fact, on a day-to-day basis I have been asking colleagues, who are used to listening to me with various headphones, and these are the “good” ones for them.

Inzone HUB is the nerve center, although you will not have to touch it much

How little I like support software, but how necessary it is sometimes. For example, when I analyzed the POCO Buds Pro from Genshin Impact, precisely, I complained that Xiaomi does not have a native app for its headphones.

That then you use it twice and that’s it, when everything is configured as you want, but precisely that initial configuration is usually necessary. Here we do have software that works quite well, is stable and is called… Inzone Hub.

It is a very simple program that is the same one that is also used to control some parameters of the M9 monitor and, basically, it seems to be the center for the control of the hardware that Sony is launching for PC.

As I say, it is a very simple app, but quite complete and in which you will not get lost in the menus. If you have the headphones connected, the model, the battery, if it has the microphone activated or not and it allows you to make adjustments such as the sound profile, activate the spatial audio or control the dynamic range.

You will be able to select what sound mode you have when the headphones are turned on (the last one configured, noise cancellation, ambient sound or none) and you will also be able to select what you want the button to change from noise cancellation to ambient sound to do.

In my case it only switches between noise cancellation and ambient sound, since if I use them I want it to have cancellation, so I have unchecked the “off” mode box. Speaking of which, pressing the button switches between ambient mode and noise cancellation very, very quickly.

oh! By the way, a bug that I have found is that, if you are using the app and put the PC to sleep, when you return it appears that the headphones are not connected. It’s weird because you can talk on the mic or listen to music, but not control anything in the app. Restarting it is enough and yes, it is not a problematic bug, but it is there.

Good autonomy and charge while you play, the real health

I was not going to dedicate an entire section to talk about autonomy, but there is a detail that I would like to highlight and, for this reason, I make the division here.

And it is that, you will be able to use the headphones with both the PS5 and the PC while charging them. This may seem silly to you, but there are many headphones on both console and PC that do not allow us to use them while charging, something that I do not fully understand.

It seems to me a very good detail and you will be able to do it both in the model that we have tested and in the H7. Regarding the autonomy, well, Sony tells us about 32 hours with the cancellation disabled and, the truth, we have had about 30 hours.

This very much depends on the type of content you’re playing and the volume, but Sony’s results are in line with our tests. Now, on a day-to-day basis, as I have used them the most, it is with active cancellation both to play and to listen to music and, thereI have had between 20 and 24 hours of autonomy.

Again, it depends a lot on the content that is being played and the external sound, but it is an autonomy that seems good to me and, above all, there is the detail of charging while you use them.

In the Inzone app you will be able to set an automatic shutdown mode so that the headphones automatically go to sleep if we are not using them, something that I recommend to maximize autonomy.

A TOP sound to play both on the console and on the PC

In the end, The Inzone H9 are headphones that have everything you can expect from headphones in this range. The most important thing is that the sound quality is unquestionable with different profiles that we can choose in the PC app, but with an overall performance that will excite gamers.

Yes, in all the sound profiles it has quite a bit of bass, but it’s something that doesn’t bother me at all when playing games or watching movies and series. If you are going to listen to music on your PC, I recommend the profile dedicated to that type of content, but for the rest, during these days I have used them with the standard profile and the experience has been very good.

Keep in mind that here we do not have a sound as flat as in more off-road and music headphones – much less as in some ATH M50x -, but the experience is very good and the spatial audio on PC is a real blast.

On PS5 I have enjoyed them, yes, but if you have the Pulse I don’t think this new model is necessary in your collection. However, if you like the design, the Sony ecosystem and you are going to use them a lot on PC, I do think they are a good purchase there.

The Inzone H9 are Sony’s new gaming headphones that feature noise cancellation and 3D spatial sound.

Yes indeed, I would have liked to be able to connect my laptop or mobile via Bluetooth to listen to music or to be playing games and that, if a call comes in, you can answer it from the headphones directly. They have Bluetooth, but I haven’t been able to use it on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

But hey, having said that, the truth is that I like this first firm step by Sony in order to dazzle the PC usersince hardware is added to their games to create an ecosystem with these H9s or with the M9 monitor.

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