This world sleep map tells us the countries where you sleep more and less

11 tricks to stay awake without drinking coffee or stimulants

Do you have a hard time staying awake during the day? It is worrying when it occurs while you are working or studying, in a meeting, or on a date. How to remedy it?

The busy life we ​​lead, the stress, and the hours of rest that we steal from our body, contribute to we fall asleep in the middle of the day.

When it happens at work or while studying, it can negatively affect performance, and in the long run it can cause us problems.

The easiest thing is to resort to stimulants to avoid it: coffee, energy drinks, even pills. It is a way of “drugging” our body, and although it has been proven that coffee brings benefits to the body, in the end we end up consuming it in excess, turning against us.

Fortunately, there are Simple tricks to stay awake without taking stimulants. Even without the need to eat anything.

They’re endorsed by medical authorities, through ActiveBeat, so they really work, whether it’s occasional or normal drowsiness or sleep. Logically, if you haven’t slept for three days or the daily tasks have exhausted you, there will be no trick…

In fact, the most effective trick of all is the most obvious: sleep more hours a day. If you get drowsy during the day, it’s usually because you haven’t gotten enough rest at night.

We know that this is more difficult than it seems, so we go with simpler things. For example, drink a glass of cold water. It is known that cold water activates the adrenaline of our body, stretching it. By the same principle, it also works take a shower with cold water.

If these two methods do not convince you, you can try chew gum. Jaw movement stimulates the brain. EITHER go out into the sun. A study published in NHI found that sunlight hitting the body makes the brain alert and stimulates cognitive functions.

This world sleep map tells us the countries where you sleep more and less

These other two tricks are extremely simple: exercise your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Blink hard, move eyes in circles, or open them wide, reduce drowsiness and stimulate concentration. The same thing happens if you breathe deeply.

If you have someone nearby, try a chat. While talking to another person, you don’t fall asleep. Of course you don’t work either… But a good conversation acts as a stimulant for the brain, making it wake up.

They also help eliminate sleep do some gentle exercise, and listen to music that has a good beat. And if you do both at the same time, even better.

Finally, if a certain task makes you sleepy… They try to change it for another, or go alternating. Switch between tasks It’s less boring than doing them in a row.

They are very simple tricks to implement, so you don’t lose anything by trying them…

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