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The club’s management refers to the fact that this will attract excessive attention of men, distract them from their classes.

“It has been said that the bikini top can slip off when diving into the pool. Terrible, isn’t it? Like this can’t happen with swimming trunks. It’s terrible that someone makes decisions for athletes. I was told that training in a bikini is frivolous, because in this case you supposedly think more about your external attractiveness, and not about the sport, ”Aftonbladet quoted one of the club’s athletes as saying.

The girl is disingenuous – swimming trunks are unlikely to come off when diving, but the top, let’s call it that, can very well. Imagine, if one, then the second girl’s top comes off, of course, this will distract men from classes. So in this regard, I am completely on the side of the club leaders. If you want to swim in a bikini, go to the beach. And here people go in for sports, they need to focus on improving their skills. And admiring the bare breasts of a female will definitely not contribute to this.

It’s not stupid people who sit in the leadership of the International Swimming Federation. So FINA does not allow women to wear a two-piece swimsuit in competitions. Yes, and it is not heard that swimmers used a separate swimsuit during training.

The tightening of morals is the trend of the times. For example, in November 2021, the International Handball Federation made changes to the rules regarding uniforms for women’s beach handball. Athletes were allowed to wear tight tight-fitting shorts for matches, as well as T-shirts that cover the stomach. Prior to this, handball players were required to play exclusively in bikinis and tops.

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