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Netflix: This Season 6 Peaky Blinders Theory Turns Everything Upside Down – “Could He Be Dead?”

06/24/2022 at 3:11 p.m

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

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Was it all just an illusion? This is the question many fans are asking themselves Netflix-Series “Peaky Blinders“. The officially last season of the British drama has been available from the streaming provider since June 10th.

But the new episodes are causing confusion Netflix-Audience. The theory of an observant “Peaky Blinders“Fans then trigger heated discussions on the net.

“Peaky Blinders” fan makes crazy theory about Netflix series – it’s about Alfie Solomons

After this revelation you see Season 6 with completely different eyes! Did protagonist Tommy Shelby just imagine everything?

+++ Warning, spoilers for season 6 of “Peaky Blinders” follow! +++

As the series approaches its grand finale, an old friend suddenly returns: Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardy), a fan-favorite character, is making a comeback. He doesn’t get a lot of airtime, but the scenes in which he appears are insightful.

Tommy and Alfie share a violent past. Both have already tried to kill the other, but they still have great respect for their adversary. In Season 4, Tommy shoots Alfie in the head after Alfie betrays him. However, a scene in the season 5 finale then proves that Alfie survived the attack. But is the Jewish gang leader really still alive?

Before Tommy fires on him, Alfie confides in his enemy that he has terminal cancer. It is around 1926 at this point. After it is revealed that Alfie is still alive, the cancer is never mentioned again. A keen viewer now theorizes that by season 6 Alfie is already dead and is just embodying one of Tommy’s hallucinations. After all, the final season is set in 1933. It seems highly unlikely that Alfie would survive that long with terminal cancer.

Netflix viewers are amazed by the building blocks – has Alfie died long ago?

In a Reddit post, the viewer claims, “There are many reasons, but I want to give one reason that’s easy to show. In Episode 2 of Season 6, set your devices to the minute 27:34 and watch this moment in their conversation. They’re both silent, we get a wide shot, and then… notice something? They mirror each other!

In fact, it seems very strange how synchronously Tommy and Alfie move in this scene. And that Tommy is suffering from hallucinations is even diagnosed by a doctor in episode 4. He is haunted by visions of the agent Grace and occasionally he even hears the voice of his deceased Aunt Polly. In the series finale, he finally hallucinates of his dead daughter, Ruby.


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Other fans of the series are shocked to learn about the theory. “What?! You think he might actually be dead?” one of them comments.

Another even supports the thesis: “He [Alfie, Anm.d.Red.] has long referred to himself as ‘dead’.” However, there will probably never be an official solution to the mystery surrounding Alfie Solomons.

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