Installing a macOS beta, especially the first one, on a computer that is used for professional day-to-day work, is a risk, but manageable: it is not that difficult to go back to a previous version in the event of a disaster. So we got down to work to test the new macOS Ventura and the new features it brings, with Stage Manager at the helm.

Nevertheless, Stage Manager has not been the novelty that achieves the most continuous use, but the new Spotlight. Stage Manager has at least in this phase of the beta – we will have to wait until autumn to see if it is refined – the defect of not taking advantage of the size of the large screen diagonals and acting the same in 13 inches as in 28.

Spotlight, on the other hand, is the covered one. Now it allows you to do even more than before, to the point that Apple doesn’t make it an application as such because it doesn’t want to, nor would it hurt to let it have its own static window.

It is able to find text that appears in our photos thanks to Live Text, recognizes the content of those photos to show them directly in the search (for example, if we search for “hamburger” it will show us photos from our photo library in which hamburgers appear) and even It has deep integration with the calendar to understand the context of the photos.

Spotlight on iPhone: the Swiss Army Knife that hides in your device

For example, searching for “Bob Dylan” shows photos taken during a Bob Dylan concert even though there are no visual references to explain it. It simply crosses the calendar event information (date and time) with our photo library to understand that the images taken at that time correspond to something related to that subject. Intelligence. And they are not the only novelties of Spotlight: it also shows images searched on the web and allows quick actions.

In “other news”, Mail has a small tune-up that still does not allow it to compete against Gmail or Spark; the Continuity Camera works spectacularly as a resource for times when we want our video calls to shine especially and the shared iCloud photo library will have to wait until installing the beta is something less reckless.

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